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Will Having A Baby Help Cheryl Cole?

Cheryl Cole member of the Girls Aloud band and judge on the X-Factor is keen to have a baby with husband Ashley Cole despite the precariousness of their relationship.

Cheryl is a Cancerian and has Mars in Cancer too. She has a very maternal streak, so having a child would bring a great sense of fulfillment.  But why does it have to be now? Transiting Pluto in Capricorn is opposing her natal Mars in Cancer – so once again Pluto’s movement into Capricorn is pushing some buttons (see previous post too). This transit has been in operation since February 2008 and is one that has five sequences. It’s influence is going to extend right to the end of 2009 with the transit being exact for the last time in October 2009.

Cheryl may become quite obsessed with this idea, no matter how much additional pressure it would put upon her. It doesn’t look like she is going to give up on this anytime soon.

In her natal chart Cheryl has Pluto conjunct Saturn in trine to Pluto, so she is quite capable of being ruthless and headstrong when she needs to be. A part of her is like steel. But then she has Mercury in opposition to Neptune – which can undermine her thinking and decision-making process. Although logically this may not be the best time for a baby – a part of her doesn’t want to see or acknowledge this.

There is no known time of birth for her, so it is hard to pin this down to specifics. But it does look as though she may go through with this and try to become pregnant whatever the outcome. Her natal Neptune also opposes her Mars, so she may have had a longing for a child for some time. Transiting Pluto may just bring this into reality. Any thoughts anyone?

I am still learning how to handle WordPress, so I’ll upload accompanying charts as soon as I work out how to do so.

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