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When Good Bishops Turn Bad

What could have caused the Anglican Bishop of Willesden – Pete Broadbent to vent his spleen on his Facebook page concerning the Royal Wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton? He branded them as ‘shallow celebrities’ and voiced his view that their marriage was set up to fail by the gutter press.

He also gave it seven years. Not content with this he went on to insult the Royal Family saying its history was filled with ‘broken marriages and philanderers’ and writing that the basis for the hereditary principle is ‘corrupt and sexist’. Neither did Prince Charles nor William’s mother Diana escape his wrath. Describing them as ‘Big ears and the Porcelain Doll’, he remarked that he was glad he had missed out on their wedding.

Since his outburst he has had to apologize profusely for embarrassing the Church as well as the Government, the Royal family and many others. He has been suspended indefinitely for his remarks.

He was born on July 31 1952, and his time of birth is unknown.  A glance at his chart reveals that  his Sun, Venus and Pluto and Mercury retrograde are all in Leo – so he enjoys a spot of drama. He loves creating it and being a part of it. His natal Venus conjuncts Pluto so he may have an inbuilt need to be in the spotlight. Pluto and Venus in this placement suggest that a deeper impulse caused him to grab the limelight in a way that caused great offence to many people and lost him his job. The influence of Pluto is often linked with feelings which can be instinctual and childish in the extreme, especially when they surface at  inconvenient times. Worse than a Freudian slip, experiencing  a ‘Pluto moment’ can leave one ashamed and deeply embarrassed for months and years on end.

Pete the Bishop is also a rebel with ‘feelings’ about many issues in life. This probably isn’t the first time he has courted disaster by disclosing his views – but up until now he has got away with it. With Mars in Scorpio trine Uranus in Cancer, his behaviour may have caused a few schisms in the past. His Venus/Pluto conjunction is at the apex of a T-square with Mars in Scorpio and Jupiter in Taurus. There is an element of self-sabotage here which has affected his very comfortable career, and may have undermined it in the past in subtle and perhaps not so subtle ways. Mars square Pluto is a very tense angle and may coincide with irritation and frustration at the least thing which causes frequent outbursts. Usually these outbursts are not  measured – but occur spontaneously with little thought for the consequences.

Jupiter square Pluto and Venus suggests that he loves big gestures and enjoys being a figure of some importance. However to maintain his position he would have to tread with care.

A look at his transits  reveals that he is currently moving through his second Saturn Return. His natal Saturn is in Libra – the sign of relationship and marriage. The second Return occurs in the late fifties and often coincides with major changes which affect our status, our goals and our future ambitions. Although the effects of Saturn tend to be slow, Saturn Returns often coincide with fated events that alter the warp and weft of our plans. There can be something implacable about Saturn Returns that carry us away on a trip we may be wary of taking. If we knew in advance what was coming we might even refuse it.

So the cloth has been cut and the garment is being prepared. It is interesting that his Saturn Return in Libra and the resulting shock waves should be associated with his remarks about a marriage. Next year transiting Saturn goes on to square his natal Uranus and conjunct Neptune. In both instances the cosy and comfortable world that he was once a part of will continue to change and will never be the same again. Yet he also has the possibility of using this to transform fate into a destiny of his own making – difficult and at times painful though it may be.

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