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Venus In Scorpio – Crushed Velvet & Wordless Secrets!

There is something mysterious and instinctual about this blend of energies. In its retrograde phase Venus in Scorpio may have brought lovers out of the woodwork who were a mine of potentially explosive information. If this was the case, you may still be recovering from the fallout. It is not only that the past  intrudes into the present, but that it exposes parts of ourselves that we don’t want to be reminded of.

Venus retrograde  in Scorpio may have caused us to back track and relive the starting point of our current relationship – the moment when we shook hands with fate and our future was sealed.

Yet Venus isn’t only about how we relate to others, it is also about how we relate to ourselves. The retrograde phase encourages us to reflect on why we attract the people we do. What aspect of ourselves brings them into our lives, especially those people  we consider difficult, boring or painful? Which parts of ourselves are we so busy denying that they have to show up in Technicolour in order to be noticed? The more attention these parts need, the closer and more intimately connected we are likely to be with that person.

Venus  in Scorpio may coincide with a time in which we are prepared to undertake a little of the work of transformation. This kind of work takes a lifetime, but we can at least lift the lid and see what is happening down there.

This Venus/Pluto combination has all the hallmarks of passion, obsession, lust, greed, revenge and at times outrageous detachment, which some may see as ruthlessness. This blend of energies makes a beeline for the depths. They hate superficiality. A date with them might be like going for a therapy session in a restaurant. They will pick, pick, pick until they know everything about you – even your worst secrets.

Those with Venus in Scorpio go straight for the jugular. They are very good at picking up vibes, and can spot a potential mate in seconds. They know how to use their natural magnetism as bait and may find it hard to admit defeat if the object of their attention should appear indifferent. Rather than taking ‘no’ for an answer they will continue to make their presence felt in one way or another, until the other person either gives in or refuses to have anything to do with them ever again. But if the tables are turned and they find themselves wanting out – they will have no problem about getting rid of anyone who is annoying, weak and no fun – or who does not share their black sense of humour.

If you are planning on getting involved with someone who has Venus in Scorpio make sure you know what you are letting yourself in for, especially if they have Pluto or Scorpio accentuated in other areas of their chart. You need to be strong to stand up to them and to dismiss their attempts at manipulation. If you can manage this and find you have a lot in common they will be loyal forever, or until the relationship comes to an end.

But if you upset them or cheat on them they will find it hard to forgive you – and may want to get back at you. Be warned.

Do they have any redeeming features. Well the care about you while you are on their radar. They care passionately and will tell you exactly what they think about your hair, your clothes, your weight issues, your latest creations and everything else in your life. If they tell you that you look great, or that you play the piano like a pro – believe them and tout your talent. They know what they are talking about.

If you can’t handle their honesty and the fact that they can see into the heart of your soul 24/7, then you’d better steer clear.

Celebrities with Venus in Scorpio: Leonardo Di Caprio, Jodie Foster, Linda McCartney, Mahatma Ghandi, Carla Bruni Sarkozy, Bill Gates, Hillary Clinton, Demi Moore.

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