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Venus In Cancer – Kitsch And Cuddles

Fotolia.com/Cancer - CrabVenus has just moved into Cancer which puts the focus on food, mothering and sometimes smothering relationships. Depending on how many planets you already have in Cancer, and whether your Moon is there or not – you may find this combination of energies either suits you or repels you – sometimes it can do both.

Those with Venus in Cancer can be difficult to get to know and also quite moody. You can never be sure who you will encounter on a daily basis as the emotions rise and fall like waves on the ocean. Sometimes they can be tickled pink by the craziest things and at others driven to a sullen darkness by someone who has hurt their tender feelings. Which is why crabs never usually wear their hearts upon their sleeves. They can be very difficult to get to know. If they decide that they don’t trust you and don’t want to let you into their intimate circle you will have a very difficult job trying to get them to change their minds.

However,  once you have become their friend or lover you will find them very attentive. They may get weepy at the slightest thing, they love anything soft and furry, they have an interesting sense of humour and if you are anything like their mother or feel a need to mother them, they will hang onto you for life.

Venus in Cancer is quite nostalgic, those with this placement tend to keep their old friends and never forget their first love – they may even have married them. They keep old love letters bound together with original and now faded ribbon, and pressed flowers or dried roses that came with romantic gifts.

They also hang onto memories, which is why it can be so hard to get them to let go of old hurts. They fear being wounded again which is why their approach to love resembles the zig-zag gait of the crab. Rather than being upfront and direct they find all kinds of ways to be in the aura of the one they adore whilst also managing to keep a low profile. If it looks like the prize is about to be snatched from their grasp they will change tack, rush in and grip with those pincers. But sometimes they are not quick enough and end up feeling like Cinderella who never got to go to the ball. Somehow, someway they have to learn to feel the fear and fall in love anyway.

Food may play a big part in their love life – with engagements and proposals happening over a special meal and many other occasions remembered with – you guessed it – another meal. Good food helps them to feel loved. Feed them tit bits whilst telling them how much you care, and they will be awed by your ability to have fathomed their weakness. If they are feeling down or sad they have a very real tendency to binge and get into comfort-eating – something to watch.

Venus in Cancer can be very loyal and deeply supportive. But some signs will find them too possessive and certainly overwhelming in their willingness to see to every aspect of your comfort and happiness. Sometimes you just want to  break free and come up from the ocean depths for some air.

With their ability to laugh and find humour in the simplest and yet most profound of situations they also know how to make you feel on top of the world. If you are friends with or have a partner with Venus in Cancer, you have someone around who can gauge your feelings and knows exactly what to do or say to lift your spirits.  Which has to be a bonus!

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