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Venus In Aries – I Want You Till I Don’t

If you want to attract someone with Venus in Aries, the first weapon in your arsenal is an ability to keep them guessing. Don’t, whatever you do, plead, weep or make it too easy for them. They will only pity you and you won’t see them for dust.

They need a challenge – preferably lots of them to keep them happy and wanting more. Venus is Aries thrives on the thrill of the chase and loves pitting their wits against someone worth pursuing. But being so impulsive can mean trouble especially if the apple of their eye already belongs to someone else. Tricky! Those with Venus in Aries need to listen to their heart and their conscience but will probably not slow down long enough to do so.

This Venus sign doesn’t usually have time for jealousy. It may get mad and have a tantrum or two, perhaps throw a few things around for good effect – but won’t normally turn dark and vengeful like Scorpio, unless they have some Pluto/Scorpio influences in good measure in their chart. Venus in Aries will pick themselves up, and get on with life knowing that there are plenty more adventures just over the horizon.

Venus in Aries is fueled by adrenalin pumping relationships with plenty of competition and lots of excitement. The day is young, life is great and romance is not so much romance as plenty of action combined with lots of imagination. You have to keep the menu varied otherwise if boredom should set in the Venus in Aries type will be off into the sunset and that will be that. They are not as the JJ Cale song goes the ‘Sensitive Kind’. They prefer plain, straight talking and dislike hidden agendas and cunning.

Under this influence you may notice you are more impatient when it comes to wanting things.  You see it, you like it, you want it – now.  There is no tomorrow only this moment.  Aries are noted for their lack of attention to such things as budgets and financial details – that’s more for the Virgos and Capricorns of the zodiac.

As Venus is also linked with art – Venus in Aries may prefer to buy or paint in a modernist style with plenty of colour and movement. Drab scenes aren’t their style – and they tend to make their mind up in a split second about whether they like a piece or not. But Aries also excel in other genres especially where they can take charge – so they may prefer to run a gallery rather than to paint, or direct a film rather than act or write. Wherever the action is, that is where they like to be.   Some Venus in Aries types might also love dressing to match their personality and making this their preferred mode of expression. It’s bold, brash and you gotta love it!


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