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The Magic And Perils Of Neptune In Pisces


It’s happened – Neptune moved into Pisces for the long haul on February 03 2012  and will remain there until 2026. Neptune is a planet with a range of meanings. On the one hand it is linked with spirituality and mysticism, with the consciousness of oneness and with the ability to empathize with the joys and sufferings of others.

It is also associated with illusion, sleight of hand, trickery, deceit and escapism. Under its influence misunderstandings can be rife and lies quite commonplace. Sometimes we lie to ourselves because we go into self-denial. We may lie to others for similar reasons, and of course we could find ourselves at the mercy of other people’s lies and fraudulent behaviour.

But Neptune also contains the seeds of enlightenment and a way out of powerlessness if we are willing to work at it. Under this influence it may be all too easy to go with the flow and drift with the tide, but if we want to make headway we may have to take a leaf out of Pisces book and make the harder choice to swim against the current rather than ‘see what happens’.

Treasure & Monsters

Neptune in Pisces means we are all going to be taking a dip in the ocean and learning more about how to navigate some of those dangerous currents. We are also going to learn about the deeps with a chance to discover our inner treasure, much of which may have been hidden for a lifetime. If we decide to explore we could surface with great art, wonderful writings and poetry, ideas that bring hope and healing, buzz music, and a spirit that enables us to work together knowing we are one consciousness in action in billion of different ways.  We may meet a few monsters along the way too, and how we deal with these will either bring a renewed energy, or if we are not careful the bad luck to be caught up in undesirable situations. It requires great clarity of thought not to get caught out or caught  up in circumstances that drain us and render us useless.

Dreams & Imagination

Neptune is associated with dreams, dreaming and imagination, it is also linked with a desire to escape from pain and the harsh realities of life.  It may seem a lot easier to turn over and go back to sleep rather than to make the effort to get up and meditate or go out to the gym.  It may seem easier all round not to bother – to have another coffee, take a drink, watch more telly and switch off or doze than take the harder action of bringing our dreams to life.  So Neptune in Pisces is really a double edged sword. If you you use it to cut through the illusion and ride the waves of change you could work a miracle or two in your own life and in that of others. If you allow yourself to drift you may end up further and further away from the life you want to lead.

Change Your Life

The ability to change our life and our world begins with us and our inner world of images, thoughts and feelings.  Most of these lie beneath the surface of our consciousness as we may pay so little attention to what is happening inside us.  Attention is actually the operative word as what we focus on consistently tends to manifest in our outer world. Once we understand how important this simple point is we will try to focus on all that is noble and worthwhile and on what we want, rather than what we don’t want, fear or dread.  This is the power of the imagination used in a positive and uplifting way. The right use of the imagination is our salvation according to Neville Goddard who was a mystic who taught about how the imaginal world is reality and the 3 dimensional world we see before us is the result of how we have used our imagination – it is our canvas. For more information on Neville Goddard see his book ‘The Law And The Promise’.

Stay Conscious & Aware

Wherever Neptune is situated in our charts is where we may have to make extra effort to stay awake and focus on a positive set of goals and values, or on simply being present where we are. For those who have very little earth in their charts this Neptune influence suggests a need to be grounded and complete your day to day tasks and perhaps to keep a to-do list to remain on track. For those who already have Neptune prominent in their charts, they may be in for a double whammy.  Keeping the balance between the world we live in and the inner worlds needs some skill.

The stories of sailors at sea who have been enchanted by sirens and have gone to their death as a result give some idea of the power of Neptune. It can encourage us to follow a beautiful fantasy that eclipses all sense of self and makes us long for a taste of paradise, only to end up losing our soul. Neptune is linked with addictions of all kinds, whether drugs, alcohol, food, sex or whatever.  So it is not a force to be taken lightly, especially as some of the addictive traps that we fall into are so subtle that it takes a great deal of presence to begin to see where we are losing it. We may not drink, smoke or indulge in any of the usual things, but we may be indulging an idea or conception of self to such an extent that we are addicted to it without even knowing it, and so suffer accordingly. Neptune is also linked to blind spots – those parts of ourselves that we just don’t see – but others see all too clearly.

Last Time Neptune Was In Pisces

The last time that Neptune was in Pisces from 1848 – 1862 the spiritualist movement became very big with all kinds of weird and wonderful demonstrations of table turning, the appearance of ectoplasm, the use of ouija boards and much more. This time around it coincides with 2012,  a host of channelled writings about what we can expect over the coming months and years and the idea that we are involved in an evolutionary phase in which our consciousness is expanding. Many write of the ascension and how we are being taken up to a new level, and that those who are not willing to move with the changes of the times will be somehow left behind or become isolated as a result of a refusal to change.

The last Neptune phase saw the beginnings of photography and the rise of the impressionist movement in art. Neptune is very much linked to the world of images so there may be new genres and styles coming to the fore in music, art, photography, film making and such like. But we can also learn a lot about the power of the inner image – the ones we carry around within us that unconsciously create the world as we see it. Inner exploration through meditation and active imagination can help us to understand why we are as we are, and in turn why our lives have turned out as they have.



Work With The Power Of  Neptune

Some ways to work positively with the power of Neptune in Pisces may be summed up as follows:

  • Develop a regular practice such as mindfulness or meditation that encourages inner awareness and inner stillness.
  • Become aware of  images and thoughts, feelings as well as the self-talk that is going on within and learn how to direct it so that you focus on positive, uplifting ideas, goals and thoughts.
  • Become aware of your overall vibration as it acts like a tuning fork bringing people and events into your world – raise it if necessary.
  • Keep a dream diary as your dreams can guide you and forewarn as well as bring a resolution to problems and provide plenty of creative inspiration.
  • Nurture your creativity and don’t disregard your muse.
  • Stay present and be mindful of each moment and of where your focus is.Use your attention to bring harmony, healing and all good things into your world and that of others rather than the other way around.





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