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When Pluto Turns Retrograde


What does it mean when Pluto turns retrograde. This slow moving dwarf-planet seems to have a style and pace all of its own and packs a mighty punch whatever planetary status it has been granted. Though small in size it is big on power.

It is also a generational planet, in that its movement from one sign . . . → Read More: When Pluto Turns Retrograde

Kate & Prince William – Will They Ever Get Married?


This is a relationship that is causing a lot of speculation – quite naturally. Prince William and his girlfriend Kate Middleton have been close ever since his University days. Apart from a brief split – they are still an item, although no one seems quite sure what is going on. Will Kate ever get that engagment ring . . . → Read More: Kate & Prince William – Will They Ever Get Married?

Pluto, Capricorn And Celebrities Going Bananas


There are a few celebrities who seem to be moving through some big changes right now – such as Madonna and her divorce from Guy Richie. Barack and Michelle Obama and their move to a lifestyle so different they may wonder what hit them. OJ Simpson is off to jail. Britney is making a forced comeback. . . . → Read More: Pluto, Capricorn And Celebrities Going Bananas