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Susan Boyle Makes Her Dream A Reality

The world has been wowed by the beautiful singing voice of Susan Boyle, who has become an international star after her appearance on Britain’s Got Talent, and her rendition of ‘I Dreamed A Dream’ from Les Miserables .

She has been described as having the voice of angel, and with over a 100 million views of her video on YouTube Susan is already rated as a singing sensation.

She has achieved overnight what many entertainers have struggled and failed to do  – she has caused a huge stir in the USA. She has even been asked onto the Oprah Winfrey Show. Her life may never be the same again.

Susan is an Aries with a Gemini Ascendant and her Moon in Libra. She was born shortly after the Full Moon.

Her natal Mercury in Pisces, her ruling planet, is in the ninth house and makes a trine to Mars in Cancer in the first and Neptune in Scorpio in the fifth. This watery trine is filled with feeling and Mercury in Pisces in particular seems to connect her via her faith in God to a place of transcendence – a connection which allows her to channel through the beauty of her voice a sense of the spiritual reality that underlies everything. Her voice has that timeless quality of purity and sweetness that reaches into the soul and opens the heart.

Mercury/Pisces/Neptune connections, especially in water means that the mind is often unfocused and open wide. Those with this quality in their charts may well have a different way of learning to that traditionally taught in schools. Susan’s slowness and ‘apparent’ lack of ability in the classroom, ‘may’ be associated with her problems at birth, when she was temporarily deprived of oxygen, which can cause a degree of brain damage. However, intelligence and ability come in many forms and can be accessed in many ways. Susan’s skill and inclination were more concerned with harnessing the flow of feeling and her being able to communicate this through her voice.

The human being doesn’t come into this life in a standardized form – everyone is unique, as is their way of learning and their mode of expression. Being measured by what is ‘normal’ can be very distressing for anyone who falls outside this category.

Her natal Mars in Cancer forms the apex of a T-square to her Sun and Moon – suggesting that she was often frustrated by circumstances. But rather than being able to talk about this, she tended to hide her hurt beneath a tough outer shell. Inside she is very sensitive. Singing helped to soothe her soul and heal the pain, and continues to nurture her. It is what she loves to do.

This Grand Trine also means that she has a very powerful imagination, and some big dreams which have stood her in good stead. For everyone familiar with the law of attraction  – Susan seems to have been practicing this in her own way for many years. Her singing is her art, through which she can express her joy, her sorrow and her love of music. All those years of singing in front of a mirror using her hairbrush as a microphone have paid off – as have her numerous entries into talent contests, and her habit of singing karaoke as a way to share her voice with others. In all ways Susan has been preparing for this moment for much of her life.

Her Jupiter return in Aquarius earlier in 2009 meant that being on air, and through the power of the Internet her talent has been recognised by millions who watched her video and have been following the latest news about her.

Her natal Venus in Aries was retrograde at the time of her birth, and made a square to natal Saturn in Capricorn, just on the cusp of the eighth. This aspect seems to be linked with the sense of isolation that she experienced as a child and on into her adult years. Although she was the youngest child of six, she was always something of a loner. She was bullied at school which would have added to her lack of self-esteem and pushed her even further into her own world. She has never held down a job and has tended to shy away from too much company. She also admits to never having been kissed or having a boyfriend. Until her recent mini-makeover Susan was not concerned with her appearance and not bothered about changing it. Her unconventional image has also been a powerful part of her appeal.

Venus retrograde in square to Saturn in Capricorn in the eighth has something of an alchemical quality about it. Through pain and torment an inner strength has developed in Susan, which has given her a special quality despite her seeming so ‘ordinary’. She was not at all shy about telling Piers Morgan that she was very attracted to him, and has accepted his invitation to take her out to dinner. It is also interesting that Piers’ Mercury conjuncts her natal Venus in Aries, and his Mercury was also stationary retrograde when he was born. His Pisces Moon also conjuncts her Chiron in Pisces, and they both have their Sun in Aries – so they may have some interesting things to discuss.

She has also been swamped with letters and request from numerous would-be suitors, and with transiting Neptune aspecting her natal Venus over 2009 she may even fall in love.

It doesn’t even seem to matter if she wins the final of Britain’s Got Talent or not – and there is very real chance she may be pipped at the post. She is already a legend and her singing career has been launched almost overnight and will begin to grow and blossom from this point on – developing in strength as time goes by.

To millions who have felt let down by life and stranded by the tide, she has brought the realization that dreams really do come true. It is never too late!

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