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Simon Cowell – A Survival Guide!

PR Photos.com/Simon CowellSimon Cowell has become famous on both sides of the Atlantic for his outspoken and extremely blunt criticisms of up and coming pop and talent hopefuls. He says he is not rude – just honest. The record industry needs ‘his’ approach because it is overrun with Yes Men. He sees his criticisms as being necessary in order for contestants to survive and become successful. They need to hear the truth because how else will they learn by their mistakes and thrive in an environment which is known to be notoriously difficult and bitchy.

But would you also guess that Simon is a Libra, with his Sun, Mars and Mercury in this balanced and supposedly peace loving sign? This may be surprising if we don’t take a closer look at the sign of Libra and what it is and isn’t.

Libra is an air sign, which means that Librans tend to be more detached from their feelings and able to view life and relationships from a bird’s eye perspective. Librans are also able to judge fairly without discrimination, and we all know how much Simon enjoys doing that.

The sign of Libra is linked with justice and the sword of truth. As well as enjoying partnerships, Librans often have a natural ability to take a host of factors into account and make reasoned pronouncements based on their style of logic.

Simon finds it hard to say anything other that what he is thinking at the time – even if this does make him unpopular. He once read a page of comments about himself and realized how passionately the audiences disliked him. He says he almost changed and started to become much ‘nicer’, but then realized this really wasn’t his style.

So how does Simon Cowell shape up in the romance stakes? We don’t have his exact time of birth, but can still get a fair idea of his major characteristics in this area. Simon was last dating girlfriend Terri Seymour but they split up in November 2008, and he is currently single.

We know that he is picky and critical in the extreme, and this could certainly impinge on his love life. He has Venus in Virgo conjunct Pluto – and this makes him very intense and very passionate about everything, and possibly a pain to live with. He is not the kind of person who will ignore anything that irritates him. He will make a fuss until it is sorted out. There is no doubt that he is a control freak, which is not going to make life around him particularly easy. He apparently has an allergy to marriage!

Pluto/Venus aspects don’t tend to have such good press overall. Unsurprisingly this blend of influences can coincide with a craving for attention – and sometimes it doesn’t matter whether the attention is of a positive or negative kind. As long as he is not being ignored! There can also be something quite obsessive about this combination. People either love him or hate him, or really love to hate him – but you can’t forget he is there – he won’t let you.

His desire for success is probably more pronounced then his desire to enjoy a warm and happy relationship. He is another star who is most certainly married to his job. But one thing that is sweet about Simon is that he is really makes an effort to stay friends with his ex-lovers. They still seem to hang around him like honey bees.

Another powerful aspect is a sextile between Mars in Libra and Uranus in Leo – which means that he also lacks patience. Mars/Uranus aspects need some tempering if they are going to be used at their best. Otherwise there can be an adolescent streak that runs through the personality of anyone with this combination. It consists of wanting everything now, otherwise they may just have a tantrum. Once again in a love relationship this combination may not go down too well,.

Mars in Libra can be the peacemaker, but can just as easily upset the apple-cart and then enjoy the resulting mayhem – Simon falls into the latter category.

Uranus in Leo coincides with a need for ongoing self-gratification – which manifests in his love of life in the fast lane. Simon isn’t about to change his spots that quickly. But friends have also mentioned how generous he is. He doesn’t hang onto his money and loves to share his good fortune with others. This is something that would be greatly appreciated in a love relationship.

Simon is not a traditionalist, he prefers to do everything his own way – another trait of Mars sextile Uranus. He says that he not romantic in the normal sense, and dislikes Valentine’s Day because he prefers to show his affection all round year, not when the marketing forces dictate this should be . The same goes for Christmas and other occasions. He prefers to live from day to day and if he happens to want to purchase a present for his lover, or tell her how much he cares – he will. If not he won’t!

He does have his Moon and Jupiter in Sagittarius, which enables him to laugh at himself. He feels that it is important not to take oneself too seriously as this can ruin everything. He discovered this for himself and this may be his key to working with his obsessive tendencies – as long as he can see it all in perspective he knows he can survive.

Venus conjunct Pluto is also synonymous with great wealth or poverty and Simon has known both. Currently he is in line to overtake Oprah Winfrey as the most highly paid presenter on American Television. But there was a time when he went bust and claims he only had three pounds left in his pocket to get a cab back to his parents place.

His Moon in Sagittarius means that underneath it all he can see the funny side of his fame. He may have a philosophical streak which brings him comfort in times of difficulty and helps him to stay optimistic when the chips are down.

Jupiter in Sagittarius is another bonus for him, as it means that he gets the full benefit of this lucky planet. If he is prepared to work hard, it will bring him many opportunities and streaks of luck just when he might need them.

Saturn reveals where his greatest fears may lie and where he feels most vulnerable. He has Saturn in Capricorn, very early in the sign, and this is where it is most at home. It is this influence which may lead to his incredible sense of ambition. He is not content to graze at the bottom of the mountain, he wants to reach the top and it seems that because of all his hard work, he has won through. He also admitted in an interview in the Daily Mail in May 2009 that he suffers from ‘dark moods and miserable thoughts’, and they come upon him at any time even when things are going well. He apparently gets very anti-social, depressed and irritable with people. He has even considered therapy.

Meanwhile looking ahead for Simon will there be any chance of wedding bells ever or never?

His progressed chart reveals that his progressed Moon has moved into Libra  whilst his progressed Sun has entered Sagittarius – so relationships are on his mind in one form or another. Hopefully it isn’t just his relationship with his money that turns out to be the most important in his life. If there is an adventure and more success on the horizon he will be there like a shot. Having had his progressed Sun in Scorpio for thirty or so years, the move to Sagittarius may brighten his act and mean that he becomes less intense, even if this is minimally so.

This year Simon’s progressed Moon will conjunct his progressed Sun, which means he is on the verge of a progressed New Moon in Libra. This could be significant as relationships may develop in strength and continue to do so through this latest progressed Moon cycle. He may find himself involved in relationships that last longer than many of his previous ones. A seed may be planted and something could well come out of it.

He also has a major transit going on at this time as transiting Pluto conjuncts his natal Saturn in Capricorn – which means that the structures in his life are going to change quite dramatically. He will have to let go of issues that have caused him pain in the past – actually this would be a good year for him to get some therapy – he could really benefit at this time. Pluto/Saturn aspects can also be quite painful – so he may have to endure more of those black moods. But if he really does make an effort to change he could come through this period transformed.

Over 2010 Pluto trines his natal Pluto and his Venus, so more change, more potential unleashed and more passion – perhaps there is a relationship coming up after all.

Simon is not the kind of person who will rest on his laurels after achieving so much fame and notoriety – he is always looking for the next big adventure. The next couple of years look as though they will bring even more success – he is not going to stop now. They will also reveal the true mettle of the man in terms of his love life. Stay tuned!

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