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Saturn – Thriving & Blossoming In Difficult Times

Saturn is given a lot of bad press being equated with limitation, karma, strict boundaries, ego, structure, focus, hard work, reality, time, reaping what you have sown, pressure and responsibility, the glue that holds the illusion together.

Saturn presents us all with certain lessons as defined by its place in our natal charts as well as the aspects it makes, and the transits that it trips off as it moves from sign to sign.  Each placement of Saturn has its own trials and tests and each offers opportunities for profound growth and a move towards greater awareness.

When undergoing a difficult Saturn transit time seems to slow down, so that each moment appears to last forever.

Face Reality

In order to make the best of your Saturn it helps to be willing to face up to the reality of the situation you are in. However, reality is a tricky word as we all live in different worlds according to our perception of life and our interpretation of the way it is. Although we appear to be one sprawling mass of humanity on planet earth – there are billions of viewpoints which create billions of different worlds. We all see life differently depending on where we live, the sum of all that we have inherited from our parents and ancestors, and the circumstances that have shaped us as we have grown up.

So the reality of any situation that is causing a problem is not so much the outer circumstances, but the inner thoughts and emotions that have become hard-wired, complicated internal patterns that channel the energy of the universe in very specific ways, producing specific results. If you aren’t happy with any area of your life it helps to slow down and observe yourself, rather than bury your head in the sand. If you don’t, Saturn will force you to pay attention.

Saturn is  linked with these internal patterned structures deep within our psyches as well as the structure and boundaries of our body, the skin and skeleton and the many structures we are all so familiar with in our everyday lives and the community we are  a part of.

It is when we identify so deeply with such inner patterns or structures that we lose our ability to flow with life – this is when the influence of Saturn becomes a problem. If we feel imprisoned by an issue, this is when we have identified with it to such an extent that we are unable to see beyond it or detach from it to allow the flow of life to reveal possible solutions. What can we do to dissolve the bars and go free when we are in the midst of trying times?

The principle of Saturn helps create the illusion that matter is dense and solid, and that our life situations are somehow fixed and highly resistant to change. When we are in the midst of a dire situation the last thing on our minds is the possibility that we are dealing with an illusion.

Unravelling The Problem

When faced with major trials and tribulations we can do something to break the deadlock and create flow. It involves the ability to slow down and be present precisely at those moments when we most want to run away – when we would prefer to go into denial, or to utilise one of our many escape routes – whether this is food, drugs, alcohol, other people or whatever.

As we slow down and breathe, we take note of our thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations. Take whatever is there in the moment and use this. If you thoughts are going round in circles, notice this and begin to watch them instead of being entangled in them. If you have sensations in your gut or heart centre or anywhere, notice these. If your feelings are running high, again step back and detach without judging yourself or any aspect of what is going on.

Bit by bit let go of each strand of the situation that appears to have you bound. If you are immersed in a situation that has been going on for a long time, it is going to take some time to release each aspect of it and unravel the illusion that has had you caught in its snare. Some people can undo years of resentment in an hour, for some it may take weeks and for others much longer, some times it can take minutes. But if you practice letting go of even a little bit of it, every time that situation comes around again it will have less of a hold over you – some part of it will have disappeared forever. You will know when you have completely untangled a particularly knotty problem when it vanishes from your mind – you don’t even think about it  – and this is when you achieve freedom.

However to follow this process and to be committed enough to focus on our inner processes on a moment to moment basis, especially when times are tough means work and discipline – both Saturnian properties.

In the way that it is possible to use a thorn to remove a thorn, so using the principle Saturn i.e. that of focused and disciplined attention – to detach and release whatever is happening in the moment, brings immense freedom and a wonderful feeling of spaciousness. Mostly our main concern is that our situation turns out the way we want it to, and we are hell bent on manipualting it so that it does. But doing so can cause a constriction in the flow, sometimes giving us the opposite of what we want.

It helps to hold into our dreams and goals lightly and to let go of negative doubts and fears, perceived difficulties, even unexpected joy and elation, and so to open up a space in which our life can manifest in ways that are bigger, more exciting and more filled with all good things than we ever thought possible.

As a comparison it is interesting that to note that Saturn’s rings which appear to be solid, are mainly space with only 3% of the volume of the rings made up by matter. So although Saturn may seem the problem – it is also the answer – and a rather noble one at that!


Learning to let go is something that we are not usually taught – but it is an extremely valuable skill.

Following are a list of resources which will give you more information and ways of learning how to do this.

The Release Technique – www.releasetechnique.com

The Sedona Method – www.sedona.com

The Secret Of Letting Go – Guy Finley

Freedom From The Ties That Bind – The Secret Of Self Liberation – Guy Finley

The Power Of Letting Go – A Practical Approach To Releasing The Pressures In Your Life – Patricia Carrington

Although I am not affiliated with any particular religion – the Buddhist practice of Vipassana is also excellent for slowing down,  awakening to the moment and learning how to let go.

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