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Saturn In Libra – Coming Your Way Soon!

Fotolia.com/Urban ArtWithin a few weeks on October 29 Saturn will move into Libra. What does this mean and how is it likely to affect our charts and impact on our lives?

Saturn is exalted in the sign of Libra, and aside from a short period in 2010 from April 08 to July 22 when it moves back into Virgo, it will remain in Libra until October 2012.

As an air sign, Libra is associated with the relationship between one thing and another. The relationship can be between lovers, business partners, design elements, or the balance of ideas and ideals such as between justice and mercy.

It is about weighing one thing against the other and making necessary adjustments in order to preserve the relationship. It is all a delicate balance and sometimes the balance goes awry and things get out of kilter. But even this is a part of re-defining the relationship and making further adjustments until harmony is restored. It is not a static quality, but an active ongoing movement.

So when Saturn, the planet of overcompensation enters the scene, the scramble to find that perfect balance becomes more intense. This adjustment is usually an intuitive activity – such as when laying out a page of text or designing a new dress collection – it is an internal happening as you  shift things around until something inside of you – a sixth sense gives that OK feeling. You just ‘know’ that you have it right – and no one can tell you otherwise. When Saturn is around you may notice that your ability to ‘know’ has vanished. You now feel as though you have two left hands and tend to doubt your innate knowledge. Suddenly the little things become a big deal and that intuitive sense of rightness may go out of the window.

In relationships you may question ways of being together that you were fine with before. You begin to wonder – should I be more forgiving, less forgiving, should I be the one in control, am I getting enough out of this, if I were different would they love me more? Instead of being able to shift and flow along with each other as a couple sometimes giving, sometimes receiving, sometimes being in control, sometimes being more passive, you may feel a need to define the relationship and to create roles that tend to suffocate the free flow. Structure is part of every relationship, but with Saturn in Libra the structure or need to keep up appearances can take over, and the life and heart of the relationship may be stifled as a result.

So what is the best way to deal with this influence? It really depends upon which house Saturn is transiting through within your chart. If Saturn is moving through the first house, you will become very aware of your relationship with the outside world and of the need to project the right image. If your image isn’t in harmony with your authentic self, then it may seem as though you are encountering the outside world whilst wearing a mask – at some point it will crack . However, you don’t want to be too open and vulnerable either, so you need to use your image to enhance your authentic self rather than cover over it completely.

It’s a bit like make-up, which can either accentuate your natural beauty or give that beige-plastered and over-rouged effect that often looks worse than no make-up at all. If anything, you need to work harder when Saturn is in Libra in order to present authenticity in its appropriate form – and to be able to release that form when it is no longer working. Again it is a delicate balance.

If Saturn is transiting through your fourth house, it is your relationship to your ancestry, to parents and parental issues and to home and family affairs that takes precedence.  Trying to create harmony in the home is not going to work until you have dealt with underlying feelings, some of which may be quite negative and destructive. Your relationship to these feelings is also of importance, as is the way you deal with them. The point about these emotions is that they can be messy and are not wrapped in pretty packages that smell of scented perfume – they can be quite dank especially those that have been stuffed to the bottom of the pile.

Libra being an air sign is not at home with this kind of situation and may want to avoid bad feeling as it is not ‘nice’.  So when Saturn enters this zone, its presence may encourage these pockets of shadowy energy to surface – which won’t be a pretty sight. In this case creating harmony means admitting these feelings exist, being willing to feel them, to give them space to be, and then letting them go. If you do this regularly you will find that something wonderful begins to happen – the emotional charge that was taking up so much of your energy and making your life hell will decrease. You will find it easier to talk about relationship problems without having to justify yourself or be right. You will then have more authentic emotional space to create the harmony you are seeking.

It all comes down to acknowledging the underlying reality of the situation and working with this to create a harmonious structure that can contain it. It also means being willing to change one form for another when the outer structure has passed its sell-by-date. Yet when Saturn is part of the picture it becomes difficult to know what is appropriate and what is not. The form of the relationship and the roles each partner plays may be so solid that it is only when one or both parties begin to feel pained at being so inhibited, that change with all its unknowns becomes the best option.

If you begin to feel pained in your relationships whilst Saturn is in Libra, then use this as a signal to take responsibility and be more aware of where and how the structure is damning the flow, causing stagnation and a lack of real authenticity. The pain is pointing towards a need for dynamic change.

Celebrities and other famous people with Saturn in Libra are: Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake, Paris Hilton, Leonardo Da Vinci, Jessica Alba, Beyonce Knowles, Vladimir Putin.

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