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Review: The Contemporary Astrologer’s Handbook By Sue Tompkins

Sue Tompkins I love the style of this book as it is so easy and enjoyable to read. Sue takes us on a journey that is informed and inspirational, as she teaches how to understand and interpret natal charts.  The book is suitable for  those learning astrology for the first time, as well for professionals. Everyone will discover something of real interest within.

Her descriptions of the houses, planets, signs, aspects and much more have  a freshness about them.  You can read it all from beginning to end and will have  a very thorough grounding in the principles of astrology. But you can just as easily dip into it and take from it what you need to know.

Sue has over thirty years of experience as a teacher and astrological consultant, which is very evident. You can tell that she has thought about and pondered the various astrological issues from a number of perspectives and this adds to the overall richness of the work. Pick any description of sign or planet and you will be met with observations that are garnered from her many years of practice.

For instance whilst many astrological texts tend to link Saturn with the father, in Sue’s experience the Sun symbolizes the biological father and  father figures, whereas Saturn is associated with authority figures overall. It may be a small point yet crucial when looking for descriptive clues to the nature of the father in a client reading. Many textbooks are often quite vague on this issue.

I also enjoyed her description and interpretation of the void-of-course Moon. I agree that for most day to day matters it really doesn’t do to pay too much attention to the void-of-course Moon as things are just as likely to go wrong when the Moon isn’t void of course. Naturally she points out that for electional astrology and the start of major enterprises it is beneficial to take note of it,  to avoid situations in which nothing comes of one’s efforts.

She gives detailed descriptions of each sign, each planet, planets in signs and houses, aspects and aspects between planets, details of the non-essential bodies which includes the Moon’s Nodes, Chiron and the Centaurs Pholus and Nessus, and the asteroids. Finally she gives guidance on putting it all together and on how to synthesize and integrate all of the various elements that go to make up a chart interpretation. She then provides profiles giving a variety of examples from Henry III and Agatha Christie, to the chart of a country and the chart of an accident.

This is one astrological textbook  that could  become one of your most treasured reference books. Highly recommended!

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