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Review: The Astrologer’s Book Of Charts By Frank C. Clifford

Book Of Charts By Frank C CliffordEvery astrologer needs accurate verifed data in order to work their trade, and beyond this to delve more deeply into the possibilities and potentials contained in the study of astrology. So Frank Clifford, founder of the London School Of Astrology has done a wonderful job with his latest book which contains 150 profiles of famous people and includes celebrities, sports people, politicians, scientists, historical figues of note and innovative and leading citizens of our time.

There are a number of reasons why I would highly rate this book. His association with Lois Rodden the now deceased Queen of Data, means that he is committed to high standards in this field. Using the Rodden rating system (RR),  each chart is accompanied by letters which range from AA – the highest rating for data retrieved from accurate sources such as birth certificate, government sources or written records – to the lowest DD which stands for dirty data that is mainly hearsay, cannot be verified and is contradicted by another source. I am happy to report that the majority of charts in the book have either an AA or an A rating. So this is data that can be used with confidence.

Frank originally compiled the charts as source material for his students at the London School of Astrology, and to this end the material is very clearly presented with one profile per page. The relevant charts are shown using both the Placidus and Equal House systems – so there are two charts per page enabling the student and astrologer to compare the differences to the interpretation created by each system. Each profile also contains the data necessary for further study, the rating, and a tribute to the astrologer (s) who provided the information. There is room for notes, chart observations and for writing down the usual info that goes with every in-depth analaysis of a nativity. Both charts and lay out make for easy reading.

Aside from students who else might benefit from purchasing a copy of this book? Astrology writers and bloggers such as myself will find this a very useful collection to have to hand. Researchers will also find the info invaluable. But aside from this every astrologer will benefit from taking a look at the charts in this book and seeing how astrology works out in the lives of real people. The study then comes alive in wonderful ways.

Frank has also written and compiled another excellent data book – British Entertainers – The Astrological Profiles – which is also a very worthwhile book to have on the bookshelf.

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