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Review: Life Cycles By Rose Elliot

Life Cycles is one of those books that helps make astrology more accessible to the lay person, and yet can be very relevant to more experienced astrologers too.

This is the latest edition of Rose Elliot’s classic book, in which she she discusses in depth the subject of planetary cycles and how they affect us throughout the decades of our lives. She reveals how knowledge of such cycles can guide and inform, and so help us to predict what is just around the corner.

Rose has been studying astrology for a long time and has developed a unique feel for it. Her style is informative and easy to read, and she writes authoritatively on this subject. In one way this book is like an astrologically biased  version of Gale Sheehy’s book ‘Passages’.

Although initially she discusses the cycles of all the planets, she pays particular attention to the slow moving bodies from Jupiter through to Pluto for the majority of the book.

The complete cycle of each planet from the initial conjunction through first  sextile, waxing square, trine, opposition, 2nd trine, waning square, 2nd sextile and back to the conjunction takes us on a unique journey. We experience the Jupiter cycle every twelve years, the complete Saturn cycle every 29.5 years. Many more people are experiencing the Uranus cycle in its entirety which takes around 84 years. No one will move through the entire Neptune or Pluto cycle, as it takes way too long. Every time a cycle is completed and starts again it is like a new turn of the spiral.

In this new edition Rose includes more detail and gives more examples of how the various phases in each cycle affect us. It is fascinating to see the match between the planetary cycles which happen in our late thirties and forties and how these coincide with the traditional description of the mid-life crisis. Over this time we get the Pluto/Pluto square (depending on the year we were born), Uranus opposition, first Neptune square, Saturn opposition and a Jupiter return.

The cycles of Pluto, Neptune and Uranus are the ones which bring the most change as they challenge the  status quo. Under their  influence we may be forcibly pushed out of our comfort zone and encouraged to take a new and more authentic path – one that nurtures our soul rather than our egos.

Rose explains each decade from childhood and our teen years through to the nineties and beyond, and the cycles which accompany each period. It makes for fascinating reading.

She also explains how tapping into the cycle of a particular planet at a key time can bring enhanced results. This is especially the case with the Jupiter cycle. It was supposedly during her first Jupiter Return that JK Rowling, held up at King’s Cross station, first came up with the idea for her Harry Potter series which became such a success. However, you don’t have to wait for the return, as you can tap into the cycle at other points too.

It is amazing how the energy of these cycles coincides so perfectly with the events that are interlinked with them.

She doesn’t mention Chiron, Ceres, Eris or others, but once you understand how the cycles work it is easy to do your own research.

I really enjoyed this book and the many very interesting examples of how it all pans out. Rose uses celebrities, historical figures and people drawn from all walks of life to illustrate her points and makes it very easy to grasp.

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