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Red-Nosed Celebs Climb Mount Kilimanjaro For Charity

Cheryl Cole, Denise Van Outen, Alesha Dixon, Ben Shepherd, Chris Moyles, Gary Barlow, Kimberley Walsh, Fearne Cotton and Ronan Keating have begun the trek to reach the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa.

It is 19,300 feet high and will take them 8 days to complete the trek.

The aim is to raise money for Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day – this money will go towards charity projects in the UK and Africa that will provide treatment for the prevention of disease, mental health support, maternal programmes and much more. If you want to sponsor them and help donate money to the Comic Relief effort go to www.rednoseday.com

They were let loose on the mountain today in high spirits. Apparently Cheryl Cole and Kimberley Walsh don’t ‘do’ camping!! How are they going to fare and who will crack up first?

Over the coming days look out for updates and check their progress. For today we’ll zero in on Ronan Keating, talented solo-artist and member of Boyzone, and see if he has what it takes to survive this challenge.

Now for a peep at Ronan’ chart.

He was born on March 3 1977 in Dublin – no known time. So it looks like he is going to be celebrating his B’day under the stars half way up the mountain and it looks like it is going to be one that he won’t forget in a hurry.

Ronan is a Sun Pisces, with his Moon in Leo conjunct Saturn and both square Uranus in Scorpio. Out in the open, surrounded by the magic of Kilimanjaro and absorbed in the mystical vibrations of Africa, I think we could begin to see the shaman coming out in him. His Pisces Sun trines Uranus which will attune him to subtle energies in the environment and hidden agendas amongst those he is climbing with. A part of his soul that may have been quietly waiting for just such an experience is going to be thrilled by this. He will tap into areas of his being that he perhaps never knew existed. Will he ever be the same again? I think not, something about his trip is going to change him.

But his ego may not like what happens at all. Moon conjunct Saturn in Leo means that another side of him is going to feel very vulnerable and this is going to be the chink in his armour. Feelings of insecurity may drain away vital energy that he needs to maintain a positive mindset. If he is going to succeed he is going to have to tune into the side of himself that is capable of great faith, that can use the power of his imagination to see him winning through and surviving, even when the going is at its toughest.

His only earth planet is Jupiter in Taurus – so he capable of great stamina, but at the same time he may not be the first one out of the sleeping bag in the morning – getting going could be a problem. Jupiter in aspect to Ceres in Libra reveals that he may also have a food issue, especially as Ceres conjuncts Pluto. Getting the right balance for his metabolism is important – and if he doesn’t this too may contribute to lack of energy.

If anything is going to get him through this it will be his inner strength – but will it be enough? Check in for updates and for a look at Chery Cole’s mindset in the face of this daunting climb.

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