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Readings – Prices

Astrology Consultations

Readings can encompass a number of different areas in one session. You may have a pressing question or an emergency situation that you need to look at right away. You may want to look at your birth chart in depth, or take a peak into the future. If you want to bring a dream along you can do that too. You can book a reading for 30 mins, 45 mins, 60 mins or 90mins. Each is priced accordingly. It really depends what you want to cover. I will either do the readings over the phone/Skype or can email if you would prefer. All phone readings are recorded in mp3 format and will be sent to you on CD.

Session Times

Synastry Readings

Synastry readings or compatibility charts require detailed work on two or more charts. A synastry reading is very helpful for resolving difficulties or finding areas of compatibility  in inter-personal relationships whether romantic, platonic or business orientated. You will discover the strengths in a possible partnership as well as hot spots and potential weaknesses. Whether you want to look more deeply at your relationship with parents, siblings, friends, your boss, co-workers, lover, potential lover or anyone else, you will find the answers you are looking for. If you are thinking of forming a business partnership, but aren’t sure whether you would work well with the person you are considering – a synastry reading would be most helpful.

You need to add the price of the appropriate synastry reading to the price of the session length. For example a 30 minute session and a two chart compatibility reading would cost £55.00 in total.

Synastry Sessions

Dreamwork Sessions

Dreamwork sessions are very useful if you want a deeper understanding of a dream that seems to call to you. Some dreams are what are known as ‘big dreams’ and contain important information about your purpose in life or your calling. They may signal a change of path which might include a number of other changes as a result. Such dreams are very rich and complex and often contain information that can act as a marker or provide clues as to when events may begin to manifest in your life and circumstances. They may introduce you to aspects of yourself you hadn’t previously known about, and may highlight skills and talents that you once had as a child, but may have forgotten about in the rush and busyness of life. You may meet your totem animal, an otherworldly teacher, or visit the library where the book you are about to write is already written and available for you to view. Whatever it is that your dreams want to communicate to you, we can work together to help flesh out the dream, give it form and to enable you to honour its message.

For each dream you wish to discuss, you need to add the appropriate price onto the session length. For instance if you want to discuss one dream and want a 45 minute session length the price will be £65.00.

Dreamwork Prices