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Readings & Consultations

What Is An Astrology Reading?

An astrology reading takes you on a journey into your self. It is an exploration of the energies that make you unique. There is no one quite like you, and no one who has a chart that is exactly the same as yours.

Using your time, date and place of birth a chart is constructed that acts as a portal into your holographic universe. You have far more potential than you realize, and far more opportunities to create the life of your dreams than you may know.

Astrology is a language of energies and energetic processes. Your birth chart is a map of the moment you were born  – a snap shot of the archetypal process and dynamic energy flows that existed at the precise moment you entered the world. They exist in you and flow out to the world through you – it is a constant creative process.

The reference point for the reading is the Sun, Moon and planets and their position in the zodiac. To understand how the planets can affect us, we need to look into quantum physics. They not only exist above us in space, but their correlate also exists within us, as the impulses, desires, feelings, calls to action, loves, hates and as our teaming inner world in all its glory.

The more you get to know the world inside, the landscape of your soul, the more you can create effectively in the outer world. Actually both are part of the same continuum.

An astrology reading will give you the keys to your world and helps you unlock the many secrets waiting to be discovered.

Transits And Progressions

Your chart is continually subject to a process of change as the Sun, Moon, planets and other space bodies impact upon the natal positions. You are going through many different processes at once, and these are always encouraging you to grow, change, to deviate from the initial energies indicated in your chart. You really are a work in progress. The transits will be triggering fresh energies in your chart and in your life which may encourage learning, risk taking and a desire to step out into a new adventure. They encourage you to create new forms in this world of forms. But there are also times when the things you have previously created will begin to break up and dissolve. It is possible to know in advance which areas are ripe for growth and which are being dissolved – so you can flow with it.

Progressions reflect a more subtle series of planetary cycles that reveal a lot about your inclinations on an almost subconscious level – which nevertheless influence the activities, people and situations that you are drawn to. The position of the progressed Sun and Moon are of particular importance in understanding where you are in your current cycle. But the other progressed planets will also add detailed information to the overall interpretation.

Natal Chart

A discussion of your chart which will reveal the forces at work that interweave to create the unique being that is you. Each reading will bring up issues that are deeply personal to you, and will enable you to understand those situations in your life that have proved most difficult to resolve. By learning what it is within you that draws such situations to you, you will be able to stand back and get a sense of where you should go from here. You will learn how to harness your skills and abilities, where you real talents lie and a lot about your mission and purpose in life, which may be expressed in your current job, or in a number of different areas in your life. You will also learn about the relationships that you attract and what you can do heal this area of your life.

Readings such as this are more meaningful if we start with an issue or a question and use this as the thread to lead you more deeply into the healing labyrinth of your chart. The discussion will be more fruitful and more applicable to your day to day life.

Readings are conducted in a conversational style, which will be more beneficial to you. You are more of an expert on yourself than I am. My skill is to help you interpret and unravel the symbolic clues in your chart that will enable you to become more of who you are.

Future Forecast – Transits & Progressions

These readings are usually conducted for a year or two ahead. They consist of a discussion of your current transits and those which will be coming up.

Such readings are useful for a number of reasons. A look at your transits and progressions enable you to become aware of your deeper intentions. You learn more about the processes that are unravelling within you and becoming manifest in your experience and your circumstances. Whatever your situation you will learn new ways of dealing with the issues that face you, and how to maximize those periods of good fortune. A fresh perspective on your life situation can work wonders for you. You will discover new and creative approaches to any blocks or difficulties you have, how to navigate through challenging times and how to let go of aspects of your life that are ready to move out of your awareness and experience.

Astro-Dream Readings

I work with dreams and the dreaming process, and often utilize the natal chart to shed light on dream symbols and processes. Dreams are an excellent way to access the subterranean currents of the psyche and soul. Dreams have many different layers and levels as well as being portals to other realities and dimensions. They reveal possibilities that we never knew existed and can also hint at futures which we are at liberty to embrace or avoid. In our dreams we meet teachers  and allies who we can enlist to help us with certain problems or with any area of life that might benefit.  We can reclaim aspects of our soul and heal problems associated with soul loss. If you have a dream or a series of dreams that you would like to discuss then I am more than happy to do so.