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Prince Harry Splits With Chelsy Davy

This is interesting, coming as it is on the eve of a Solar Eclipse in Aquarius. The Eclipse conjuncts Chelsy’s Jupiter in Aquarius. She is on the verge of her Jupiter return, so maybe she wants to expand her options. This event has been coming on for some time. Perhaps as Mercury is currently retrograde, there may be a few different stories going around about why they have come to this. Maybe they will change their minds further down the line – maybe not. They have been very ‘on and off’ for a long time.

Eclipses tend to bring about a change of gear. They push us to take that next step whether we feel we are ready for it it or not. Doors open, accidents of fate take place, synchroniciites occur and we are thrust into a new place – somewhere we might never have imagined had some invisible activity not forced the pace.

This Eclipse configuration involves Jupiter in Aquarius and the Saturn/Uranus opposition in Virgo and Pisces. This suggests stepping out big time. Saturn is retrograde, so Chelsy, and many others as well, may have had enough of old excuses as to why we can’t do what we want to do. Somehow someway we are all going to be stepping out. It may be a small step for some, or a bigger step for others, but the ripples will extend into the future and make way for many exciting developments. In Chelsy’s case her natal Jupiter squares Pluto and Mercury. There is no known birth time for her – but her current transits reveal that this same pattern is being triggered, as transiting Jupiter squared both planets on January 23 enlivening this part of her chart big time. Her Jupiter return takes place on February 02 – she definately wants out right now.

Harry may have been experiencing some women trouble lately as transiting Saturn in Virgo trines his natal Moon in Taurus. When Saturn transits the sign our Sun is in – he is a Virgo, we may find ourselves moving through some pressured times. The pressure comes from both inside and out and can be quite relentless. Saturn retrograde trine his Moon reveals that this is a time when he may be reviewing the feelings he has for the women in his life. He may be more cut off and detached from his emotions and this may have come across as certain coldness lately. This transit was exact on January 22 – so very recent. Add to this the fact that has had transiting Pluto sextile his natal Pluto and about to conjunct his natal Jupiter, and it looks like he too has been contemplating a change.

Maybe it really is time for them to move on. Harry has even more interesting transits coming up in 2009, as Saturn and Uranus in opposite signs affect his chart. Uranus opposes his Sun in March, and does so three times in all over 2009, whilst Saturn conjuncts his Sun in September. He is going to be torn between wanting his freedom and toeing the line.

Meanwhile Chelsy has had transiting Uranus in opposition to her natal Mars and Venus in Virgo during 2008 – which would also have coincided with a desire for freedom from the same old routines, both in her relationship and in her day to day life. These transits also continue on into 2009 – however transiting Saturn has been conjuncting her natal Mars during December 2008 and this continues into 2009 – so she may feel torn between stepping out of her comfort zone and jumping back inside it. Saturn/Mars transits can be very frustrating, and yet it does seem as though she is genuinly trying to break into a new way of life over 2009. Transiting Neptune squares her natal Saturn in Scorpio, and transiting Uranus trines it – so her cage is being well and truly rattled. Transiting Pluto is also conjuncting her natal Neptune which often coincides with a feeling of disillusionment about aspect of her life – again inducing a desire for change.

Their composite chart ( the chart of their relationship) is very interesting. It shows that whilst they enjoy each other’s company immensely – composite Sun, Mercury, Venus, Juno conjunct in Libra – they are also dealing with some major power struggles as shown by composite Mars conjunct Pluto in Scorpio. Perhaps it is this side of their relationship that is proving to be too exhausting.

It seems like they both need a breath of fresh air and a chance to do their own thing for a while….the coming months will offer opportunities and challenges for them both.

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