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Prince Harry And Chelsy A Tentative Approach

Chelsy Davy Arriving At Leeds University Prince Harry and Chelsea Davy  have been meeting up in secret to discuss the future of their relationship. It seems that since they split earlier in the year Harry has realized just how much Chelsy means to him.

Perhaps he needed time to grow up – as he may have taken her for granted in certain respects. Harry has a wide conjunction between Mars and Uranus, so he tends to act first and think later.  This is one side of him. There is another side where he can be something of a dark horse especially when it comes to revealing his true feelings.

Saturn is his ruling planet, and it is in the sign of Scorpio in the eleventh – which suggests that he may play hard to get or hard to keep as this blend of influences can cause havoc in relationships unless there is an awareness of what is going on. Chelsy also has Saturn in Scorpio so their ability to be truly comfortable with each other may take a while to develop.  They may have been playing cat and mouse with each other is subtle ways.

Imagine a couple of Scorpions circling each other – both naturally defensive and ready to strike first in order to fend off a supposed attack. If they succeed in learning to trust each other and can find a way to regularly discuss their vulnerable feelings they may be able to develop a very deep and truly loving relationship – one that will last the test of time. But if this is going to happen they need to pace themselves and take it all very slowly. The fact that they are willing to talk is an excellent sign.

They may fall in and out of love a few more times as their love life will naturally encompass all ranges of feeling which includes love and hate – but if they can accept these extremes they will be able to create partnership which may be the envy of others who cannot access the same depth of feeling.

Over 2009 both have had some interesting transits which are still in progress. Chelsy has had transiting Uranus in opposition to her natal Venus in Virgo, whilst Harry has had transiting Uranus  in opposition to his Sun. Both have needed space to do their own thing, to experiment with other relationships and to reflect on what they really want. Fast forward another nine months or so and we will have a better idea of which way this is going.

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