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Pluto, Capricorn And Celebrities Going Bananas

There are a few celebrities who seem to be moving through some big changes right now – such as Madonna and her divorce from Guy Richie. Barack and Michelle Obama and their move to a lifestyle so different they may wonder what hit them. OJ Simpson is off to jail. Britney is making a forced comeback. And a creeping unrest is being felt in a number of circles.

Could the Pluto factor be be partly to blame? When planets are in the early degrees of a new sign they pack a powerful punch, especially if they happen to aspect natal planets or trip any big aspect patterns.

For a start Pluto in Capricorn has a whole different feel compared to when it was in Sagittarius. In Sagittarius there were no limits to what was possible.

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn so the vibration is quite stern. The teacher is back and the kids can no longer continue to be unruly. In this configuration there is no gain without pain. The cosmos is urging all of us to dig deep into the shadowy areas of our psyches and circumstances and  fearlessy confront what we find. If we try to carry on blithely as though nothing is the matter we may be forced by events to admit to our failings. The sign of Capricorn is very much about structure, organisation, ambition, discipline and the determination and ability to reach goals. Pluto will bring to the surface glaring faults in any structure whether it is the collapse of the world banking system, or the demise of a relationship that was basically loveless.

Capricorns are usually known for their organisational ability – whether they are Sun Capricorn’s or whether the sign is highlighted in their chart.Pluto’s move is forcing us all to be more realistic. More then ever we need to look at our priorities and ask ourselves whether they are bringing us the happiness we deserve or taking us further into misery. We also need to look at the structures in our lives. Depending on which house or houses Pluto is transiting, it will bring a particular focus and structure to the fore.

For instance Pluto moving through the the third house and Capricorn will bring the focus to the mind and mental patterns or structures that have governed our thinking for a long time. A process will begin in which we realize that thoughts are things, that we are not our thoughts – we can stand back from them, and that it is possible to change our thinking so that it uplifts us and begins to nurture us. We also begin to notice the nature of our self-talk and how this is affecting us for good or ill. All of this is going to take time – perhaps years. But Pluto’s work is slow and always profound.

Transiting Pluto in Capricorn in the sixth house may encourage us to look more closely at our lifestyle and the structures or routines that we maintain on a day to day basis. The ones that keep our life running along certain lines. Our health and our integrity as a functioning system on both an inner and outer level will be tested. We may need to change out diet, reorganise our exercise routine, and think deeply about why we do the job that we do – for starters.

Transiting Pluto has been aspecting Britney’s natal Jupiter in Scorpio, on and off over 2008 – this aspect is coming up once again in late December, and coincides with a strategy that will help shape and redefine her career once again. There are a number of other astrological factors involved in the Britney mix, but this one coincides with a push to get her back on track and ready for even greater success.  She looks great – but at what cost?  How is Pluto in Capricorn affecting you?





























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