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Pippa & Prince Harry – Do They Really Get Along?

A glance at their charts and shared influences reveals that there is not a shred of romantic feeling between them. Any ideas that both Middleton sisters will marry into the Royal family are laughable.  Both Pippa and Harry enjoy a relationship that is more ‘matey’ than anything else. They share a lot of similarities and they understand each other only too well.

Both have a very practical streak  and both love adventure,  fun and freedom.  But Pippa’s love of the high life, of being at the centre of the action, her packed contacts book, her enjoyment of the social scene and her determination to master it are far different from Prince Harry who just loves to have  a good time. He is more of a practical joker, and will go to great lengths to pull off the next funny stunt.  They make a great team – but they really aren’t going to get any closer at least not in the sense that people seem to think they will. They are certainly fond of each other – but it is an affection devoid of chemistry.

Pippa is very streetwise and knows what she wants.  She won’t want to get too deeply involved in the ways of the Royal household. She needs a lot more freedom to run her life on her own terms. Certain aspects of her chart reveal that she needs to be number one in any relationship, and needs to call the shots.

The inter-aspects between their charts are devoid of any Venusian charm which might make them more openly demonstrative  to each other.  Pippa might even find Harry to be a bit of a dreamer with no real ambition to be anything other than follow the role that destiny has assigned to him.  She has her sights set much higher.

A look at their composite chart which is a chart of their relationship shows that although they are going to be thrown together on a regular basis as they attend various functions, they are going to remain as good friends.  That’s it!

Pippa is a year older than Prince Harry, and both are heading towards their Saturn Returns in coming years, which usually coincides with major life changes. But for now Prince Harry is under no particular pressure to find a partner, and Pippa seems to be busy working to utilize her new found fame to the utmost. She has a lot to look forward to.






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