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Paul Burrell – A Time Of Peace And Plenty

Studying Paul Burrell’s chart, (no known time), I began thinking about which aspects and planetary placements might coincide with being a butler or a courtier in a Royal household. A deeper look enabled me to realise that in his case his success was largely due to his mercurial abilities.

The Merriam Webster dictionary defines this as having qualities of eloquence and ingenuity combined with a certain sleight of hand.  Paul has such qualities in copious amounts – and these have enabled him to rise through the ranks, starting as footman to Queen Elizabeth II, becoming personal butler to Diana, Princess of Wales, and finally ending up as a celebrity and media personality in his own right.

Paul is a Gemini with Mercury in the first degree of this sign, giving him an undeniable way with words – as much with what is said, as with what isn’t. To survive in the Royal household you would need an ability to filter all kinds of information and to tease out the gossip from the important stuff. The gossip in itself would also need to be analyzed for what was worth following up. With his Moon in Aquarius trine his natal Sun, he has an inbuilt set of antennae which would have helped him to tune into all kinds of information buzzing around the palace ethers. He could sense  ahead of time what was coming. And he was and is very clever. All very useful if you are living in such close proximity to someone like Diana.

But it doesn’t stop there as his natal Mercury squares Pluto in Leo and sextiles Mars in Pisces. Along with his familiarity with the daily commerce of Royal life which involved the trading in hints, atmospheres and innuendos, he is more than aware of the power of knowledge, and the leverage that this has in certain circles.

He talks openly about those things that he can talk about and will remain clamlike about issues that should remain secret, unless there is a good enough reason to spill the beans. Mercury/Pluto aspects are more quiet and deadly than the others. With Mars in Pisces aspecting Pluto – there are signs that he was perhaps not quite as innocent or wronged by the many accusations as he would have us believe. Mars in Pisces often operates with a hidden agenda, and is capable of a double bluff. After the publication of two books about his time spent in service of Diana, he appears to have given away many of her most personal secrets, which seems strange for someone who swore that he would take them all to the grave with him.  His reputation at least in the UK plummeted as a result.

Paul has a T-square in his chart with Venus in Taurus at the apex in square to Moon/Uranus opposition with Uranus in Leo. What is especially interesting is that Diana had exactly the same T-square in her chart involving the same planets, except at different degrees of the same signs. With this shared configuration they understood each other only too well. Despite other areas where they may have been in conflict, there was a degree of complicity in their relationship. In Paul’s chart the difference was that his natal Venus also opposed Neptune in Scorpio. making a wide square to the Moon and Uranus. Although both Paul and Diana were highly strung, and although it could be hard to discern the motives of either – Paul had the upper edge. Diana claimed at one time that he was her ‘Rock’, and yet it really appears to be more of a case of shifting sands.

There were blurred areas and nothing was clear cut and obvious. Diana sought to release tension through her various relationships – Paul sought relief in his dreams, fantasies and visions of what could be. Mercury inconjunct his natal Neptune may have encouraged his thinking mind to go overboard by coming up with any number of schemes and plans – all of which had his success and wellbeing as the main priority.

The synastry between Paul Burrell and Diana, Princess Of Wales reveals a fated component. His Moon squares her Neptune, as it does his own, which suggests that they were very attuned to each other in an almost telepathic sense. His Venus also opposed her Neptune so he was certainly caught up in her spell, and yet with his Pluto conjunct her Mars in Virgo and her North Node – he could be very manipulative, and perhaps tried to master the one he was supposed to serve.

Paul became increasingly close with Diana the more isolated she grew from the rest of the Royal family, and was with her at almost all times. As her Pluto trined his Venus she may have relied on his company to mask the pain she felt after the breakdown of her marriage. However with a number of Pluto and Neptune inter-aspects between them their relationship also seemed to have a rather unhealthy aspect which was really doing either of them any favours.

At the time of her death Paul’s transiting Uranus was squaring his natal Venus in Taurus, was triggering his T-square and was coming up to oppose his natal Uranus in Leo. His world was shattered by this event and life would never be the same again.  Actually it took a turn for the worse. He came close to a mental break down and took with him over 300 of Diana’s personal belongings for safe keeping.

In October 2002 he made an appearance at the Old Bailey accused of theft. Once again we find this crucial T-square being triggered in his chart this time by Neptune, whilst transiting Pluto opposed his Sun. Whilst dying a death of profound humiliation, only made easier because the Queen helped save him at the last minute, he seemed simultaneously to be reborn. From this point on his career began to take off. In 2003 A Royal Duty was published, selling over 2 million copies worldwide  – an account of his time spent in the service of Charles and Diana, and of their marriage and divorce. In 2004 he was on prime-time TV in I’M A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here – in which he was runner up. Since then he hasn’t looked back. In 2007 – The Way We Were was published, another book about aspects of his relationship with Diana that he had omitted in the previous book. This too was equally successful. Once again his mercurial nature has enabled him to turn his hand to many new activities that have helped him to flourish.

He suffered further humiliation after giving evidence at the Inquest into Diana’s death over 2007/08 and his reputation plummeted still more, so much so that he has kept something of a low profile ever since, and has not returned to the UK. His confession that he had held back key pieces of information which may have been crucial to the inquest occurred when he was tricked by a ‘pal’ into bragging about his misdemeanours.

However this is 2009 and the horizon seems relatively clear, the sky almost blue and the birds can be heard singing. Paul resides in Florida and has developed a multi-million pound business out of what began as a cottage industry. He currently sells monogrammed articles from fine wines to bed sheets to furniture, and along with his media appearances seems set to continue his lavish lifestyle and to enjoy being the talented entrepreneur he has always been. For now he can relax and look ahead to a very satisfying future.

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