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Paris Hilton Wows Sarah Brown

So what do Paris Hilton and Sarah Brown, wife of UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown, have in common? Very little it may appear on the surface. However, they both gushed effusively about each other when they met in Los Angeles last week.

Apparently Sarah found Paris to be both ‘smart’ and ‘caring’. And Paris though that Sarah was ‘smart’, ‘beautiful’ and ‘inspirational’.

Paris is an Aquarian with her Sun conjunct Mercury retrograde, also in Aquarius. She has a Sagittarian Ascendant and her Moon in Leo in the eighth house.

She has Neptune conjunct her Ascendant in close aspect. Which is perhaps one of the reasons why she has survived in a scenario that most people would drown in.Neptune in this position means that she can hide behind a smoke-screen and yet appear to be all things to all people. They can project on her what they like and she seems able to contain their fantasy. Usually the Ascendant gives us a way of interacting with the world, which is quite defined. In Paris’s case there is no definition. She is like a chameleon that can take on any colour or hue – a contradiction on legs.

She is often seen as an air-head, but beneath that vacuous look there lies a very savvy business women, who says that she has no need of her inherited millions because she is making her money herself. She says she had no intention to be ‘famous’, she just wanted to be wealthy enough so that she didn’t have to rely on anyone – or wait around to marry the right person.

There is no birth time for Sarah Brown who is a Scorpio, with Mercury, Venus and Neptune all in the same sign. She looks very mild-mannered, but underneath that sweet exterior is a simmering pot of intense feelings and emotions. She has done a good job of hiding her passion for life from the world. She also has Mars in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Aries – making her something of a warrior-queen, mixed with a jolly hockey-sticks approach to life. She is made of tough stuff, yet knows how to smile despite any difficulties she may be facing. And she has been through some very traumatic times. Her first baby, Jennifer James died when she was only ten days old, and her third child, Fraser James was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, shortly after he was born. She has handled all of this with dignity and grace.

So why did they feel such an admiration of each other? It seems to be because they are such a contrast.  They struck up an immediate emotional bond – feeling very at home in each other’s company.

Paris’s Moon in Leo trines Sarah’s Jupiter in Aries, which suggests that their instant rapport may be based on an intuitive feeling that at a certain level they may have something in common, though they appear like chalk and cheese. Her Moon also squares Sarah’s Sun. Paris loves to be out in the limelight, and Sarah enjoys being something of a dark horse. Yet for some reason it works.

Paris’s Venus conjuncts Sarah’s Saturn in Aquarius, so it looks like they may even decide to stay in touch. Perhaps they have a few tips for each other! And Paris’s Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Libra opposes Sarah’s Jupiter in Aries which again suggests a mutual fascination with each other’s lifestyle. Sarah’s Jupiter falls in Paris’s fourth – so maybe she’ll be Paris’s guest at some point in the future.

In the composite chart of their relationship there is a very interesting T-square with Ceres at the apex in Virgo and Saturn in Sagittarius in opposition to the Moon in Gemini. This suggests that both of them may feel isolated in certain ways as public figures. They seem to nourish each other and can accept each other as they are.  There is also a powerful square between composite Mercury/Sun/Saturn in Capricorn and composite Pluto in Libra – which may also indicate that they are aware of the benefits that come from knowing each other.

Sarah may well be doing a lot more travelling as she has recently had a progressed New Moon in Sagittarius. As her birth time is not known this may be on the verge of happening or have recently passed. For now she seems to be enjoying her trips abroad, but when her progressed Sun moves into Capricorn they may take on a more serious and businesslike approach.

Sarah may be quiet but most people who meet her are struck by her elegance and her beauty. Paris was certainly smitten, so much so that it looks like they have become new best friends. An unlikely match – and an intriguing one.

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