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Oprah’s Defining Moment

It looks as though Oprah has recently had her defining moment , as she talks about her disappointment at putting on forty pounds in weight since 2005. She is more determined than ever to find a way to overcome her weight issue. And if  her chart is anything to go by – she may just succeed this time around. So why is that?

From as astrological perspective the key seems to be down to Pluto and its movement over her Ascendant in recent months. Pluto has been moving backwards and forwards over this point for some time now – over a year – and this would have coincided with a need to take control of her life and redefine her priorities. This is a very important transit, that ultimately offers the chance to be more consciously aware of the way she uses her personal power, and where and how it is being syphoned away.

You would think that Oprah is one person who would already be aware of her power, but when talking about her problem she seems genuinely disturbed that having so much knowledge she has not overcome this one issue. And she is angry about it.

Pluto is often associated with raw emotion of a very basic and instinctual kind. In her natal chart it is situated in Leo and in her eighth house. Pluto in the eighth often equates with a lot of hurt and pain stuffed down deep inside – and this pain is echoed in another placement in her chart – that of Saturn in Scorpio in square to her Sun/Venus conjunction in Gemini. It is the same pain that so many of us feel – and that we tend to hang onto, never quite understanding how to release it and let it go for good.

There is a vicious circle at work here. I really think Oprah is going to overcome this because she will finally become aware of the ways in which she is sabotaging her own best interests. Her placement of natal Pluto in Scorpio means that she may have patterns continuing to run of which she is unconscious – even after all the work she has done on herself. Some of these can be so insidious that it takes avery special kind of attention to begin to notice them in action. It almost demands a moment by moment witnessing of the self and an ongoing detachment to catch what is really going on.

Another look at her chart reveals that she has natal Pluto in square to Mars in Scorpio which suggests that there is the potential for a lot of anger that may not always be expressed. Mars/Pluto aspects when channeled and utilised properly can be very productive, but when they are not they can cause a lot of pain – of the real deep variety. Whatever Oprah has been doing to become more self aware and feel good about life may not have gone deep enough. There is something there like a silent tap root feeding on a pool of pain, that is causing her addiction to food.

Her ruling planet is Jupiter which is situated in Gemini in the sixth house of her chart and trines Mercury in Aquarius. This is the bright side of Oprah that we all know and love. The side that is sunny, warm, breezy and a great communicator. But there is another side that is hidden away, and it is this that needs to be explored and released.

When Pluto moves over the Ascendant is is rather like a rebirth or the dawn of a powerful awareness. For a number of years now Pluto has been in her twelfth house where its action would have been largely unconscious – as it crosses over the Ascendant it begins to be known and recognised, and as it does so it then needs to be integrated. As Pluto is now in Capricorn it encourages all of us to face the truth about our lives, our weaknesses and the problems we have all been refusing to acknowledge. Even more so as it crosses the Ascendant. Her dream of losing and keeping the weight off isn’t going to happen overnight – but over the months and years to come she will get there.

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