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News Of The World – Gone Forever!

The paper that prided itself on providing endless amounts of gossip, scandal,  horror and on stirring up the hornets nest even if the hornets were minding their own business – has now come to an end worthy of its reputation.  As an entity in itself it does have a birth chart, though the time when the  first edition made its appearance is not known.  It’s launch was on October 1st 1843. I have timed it for 6:30am. This brings up a very interesting chart.

We have a Libra Ascendant with the Sun conjunct Venus in her own sign on the twelfth house side. This blend of influences might usually denote the epitome of harmony, balance and great typography,  except that both are  flawed by virtue of their position and opposed by Uranus in the last degree of Pisces. It is a wide  opposition, but enough to make those scales rattle and swing on a daily basis. Uranus links with the papers ability to set readers off on an emotional roller coaster ride as they grapple with dark agendas  and taboo issues. Shock being the main selling point.

Both Venus and the Sun are  squared by Mars in Capricorn. A spoonful of sugar laced with arsenic, as readers are fed tit-bits of  info that leave a bitter aftertaste.  The Moon and Saturn in Capricorn complete the trio, which suggests that there was not a lot of mercy shown to those who became the papers victims in one way or another, including those who worked for the NotW, doing their job to the best of their ability,  who were not responsible for any shady goings on,  and who were sacked without any warning.

Mercury the planet associated with  press and communication is in the first degree of Scorpio and makes a quincunx to Uranus and a wide opposition to Pluto. This suggests that as far as getting information is concerned anything goes as long as no one finds out. Mercury in association with Pluto is willing to get down and dirty to achieve its aims.

Then there is Chiron in Virgo in the twelfth – the undoing of the paper lies in the detail. Chiron makes a quincunx to the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in Aquarius. Jupiter and Neptune in Aquarius suggest the possibility of a downfall associated with the use and abuse of modern technology.  Aquarius is also associated with human kind – the broad mass of humanity and the papers offering of a constant stream of information that fed a desire for titillation and fantasy.

It is fascinating to look at the transits of the NotW as Uranus moved to conjunct its natal place at the end of Pisces, doing so for the last time earlier this year.  This  occurred on the Aries point making it even more spectacular. Along with this, transiting Pluto has been squaring the Venus/Pluto conjunction in the twelfth which this time proved to be the paper’s undoing. It became a victim of its own malpractices, which ushered in its speedy demise.

Another interesting exercise is to take the chart of Rebekah Brooks and link it with the chart of the News of the World to create a composite chart of the relationship between them.

This time the Sun and Venus are conjunct in Leo with composite Mercury in the last degree of Leo. The relationship was very much about getting attention and keeping it. The paper was supposed to entertain and Rebekah’s input was to make sure it did. She also entertained herself making sure that she got invites into circles of the rich, famous and powerful – moving steadily higher until she became intricately involved in political circles.

However, composite Neptune in Capricorn is opposed by Pluto in Cancer – which suggests that trying to see Rebekah’s relationship with the paper whilst she was editor and beyond,  is like trying to see a reflection in a hall of mirrors at dusk. Nothing is clear cut. It isn’t as simple as it should be.

Composite Saturn in Pisces trines Pluto, so more of the same. Trying to  find answers is not going to be easy. There is a general murk to wade through and trying to untangle who was responsible for what could take a long, long time.

Composite Uranus in Gemini squares Moon conjunct Mars in Pisces, so it was a relationship that thrived on an ability to create sensational news by goading those who were already simmering with anger and rage into doing or saying something that might make even better news.

Composite Jupiter in Scorpio also trined the Moon and Mars, so there was even a kind of perverse pleasure in exposing other people’s pain in a way that highlighted and sensationalized it.

A look at the inter-aspects between Rebekah’s chart and that of the NotW reveals that if they were a couple they would get along alike a house of fire.  As far as an Editor could sync with a paper – they did. Except that both Saturns squared each other. The NotW Saturn was in Capricorn and her in Aries. The NotW had one Agenda which linked it to its history and tradition as a successful newspaper.  Her Saturn in Aries meant that whatever she may have said, what she did was primarily for her own glorification and ambition. She used the paper for her own ends and courted it as she does so many people who she needs to achieve her goals.

Rebekah Brooks, chief executive of News International has promised that in a year’s time those now freshly out of a job will realize why the paper had to close, as there are more scandals on the way.  As chief executive of News International she is hanging onto her job to make sure that “justice” is done.

The coming weeks and months are going to be very interesting for all concerned.







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