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Michael Jackson – Is This It?

Michael Jackson has recently announced his ‘This Is It’ final curtain call tour at the O2 Arena, London. Tickets for all of his concerts have completely sold out and Michael is said to have been so moved by the devotion of his fans, he was reduced to tears. This is his first major concert tour for over ten years. So why has he decided to do this now?

Sadly there is no accurate time of birth for him, so information will be gleaned from his Solar Chart. He was born on August 29 1958 at Gary, Indiana, USA.

It is probably no surprise to find that Michael is a Virgo with Pluto in Virgo conjunct his Sun, which reveals much about his issues with his body, his appearance, his germ phobia and an altogether overwhelming desire to control every aspect of the environment in which he lives and moves.

This has been the story so far. But those with Sun/Pluto aspects also have a profound ability to transform their lives, and from out of the ashes of their former selves, to be born again. He has his Moon in Pisces and again depending on what time he was born, it could make a close or wide opposition to the Pluto/Sun conjunction.

This adds another facet to his already complex character as he shuttles between opposite poles of being addicted to power and also succumbing to the depths of powerlessness. His past reveals much about his inner torment, much of which seems to have sprung from his childhood and the treatment metered out by his highly ambitious father to both himself and his siblings. Pluto aspects to personal planets are quite capable of locking a person into an inner hell from which it can be very difficult to escape.

This time he looked surprisingly good on stage, with a new zest for life and a fresh enthusiasm for his music. Hopefully he will be able to stay the course, as from July when the concerts kick off he is going to need all his strength of mind and body.

However as transiting Pluto will be trining his natal Pluto over 2009, he may come into a new relationship with power and control issues and begin to feel a renewed determination not to let his past hold him back. Transiting Pluto is also going to trining his natal Sun in 2011 – so this whole period from now till then and beyond, is going to be one in which he has an opportunity to recreate himself and to allow his natural flair and musical talent to be his motivation, rather than allowing those powerful inner struggles to twist his sense of purpose and drag him down.

Transiting Saturn is moving through Virgo, the sign of his Sun, and this often equates with a time in which we put ourselves under pressure to do more, achieve more and to be more. During 2008 transiting Uranus squared his natal Saturn in Sagittarius, which may have made him restless and keen to make a leap from out of his reclusive lifestyle back to the stage, for however long it will last. In July 2009 transiting Saturn squares his natal Saturn in the final square before his second Saturn return. This is a time of reflection and a chance to give new form and expression to his previous musical work and stage acts.

The problem is that whenever we make a move out of our inner darkness to the light – the pendulum will continue to swing between the two. Depending on where our attention is placed for the majority of the time – we are set to move more into the light or back into the dark. So it may not all be plain sailing – there may be reversals and problems. But over the year ahead he has a tremendous opportunity to do more for himself and his image than he has in some time.

Transiting Neptune will also be opposing his natal Mercury in Leo – so he will be inspired, but needs to make sure he is not overcommitting himself. He needs to be realistic.

He has been through his Chiron return – with his natal Chiron being in Aquarius, which can signal a renaissance and a renewal. It is often a time when a sense of destiny seems to encourage us to push aside obstacles, allowing us to work out our unique purpose.

His first night in concert is on July 8 – the day after a Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn – it looks like it is going to be a very emotional time for all!

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