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Mercury Retrograde – A Journey Outside Linear Time

At the time that Mercury was stationary in Aquarius, prior to becoming retrograde I had an interesting experience that enabled me to appreciate why this phase really is very empowering and exceptionally creative.

It encourages me to believe that whilst Mercury is retrograde we are more easily able to move out of our habitual mental ruts and tap into other dimensions, if we can open our minds to this possibility.

Most of us moan on about the lost letters, the disappearing data , the crashed computer, the missed phone calls, and a host of other related effects that seem to haunt us. But if we knew that we could also access a powerhouse of creativity would we be quite so put out by it? 

It started with a dream of another blogger,  whose work in my opinion is excellent. I dreamt they were lying in a hospital bed, having had their nose cosmetically enhanced – something they had opted for. The bandage was light, and any scarring or bruising seemed non-existent. In short it looked like it was a complete success. We chatted but I don’t remember what was said.

I always try to take action on my dreams by doing something to honour the dream message – so I emailed them about my new blog – but didn’t mention the dream. They emailed back explaining that they had come across my blog the previous day – and not knowing it was mine had been particularly struck by the theme and layout – so much so that they noted it down and were considering the possibility of changing the theme of theirs and perhaps the blog platform. I shared the dream and decided to so some research into the aspects that were in force at the time – in both our charts.

On the day of the dream Mercury was stationary in Aquarius in the eighth and opposing my natal Uranus in Leo in the second, an aspect that will repeat two more times. This aspect in itself is associated with information that comes through all at once, as though from a higher frequency. But the additional impact of Mercury Retrograde softens and opens up our awareness making it easier to interact with these kind of messages. This serial synchroncity which occurred out of the blue, is going to be mutually beneficial.

As for my friend, I couldn’t help noticing that they have transiting Pluto coming up to conjunct Jupiter in the third – which suggests a reconstruction and transformation with regard to the way they interface with the world – their blog being one of these ways. It also suggests to me that any changes will add massively to their overall success. Dreams show us what could be possible, as do the transits in our charts. There are a variety of futures out there – and we have a choice as to which we opt for.

Although this coincidence may seem minor in the vast scale of things, it had a certain quality about it that marked it out for me. The event seemed to have arrived as a complete package – something like a cosmic zip file. Once I became aware of the interplay of synchronicities it began to unzip.

I believe we have access to a state of timelessness and abundant creativity at all times, but during Mercury Retrograde we can more easily locate and work with a variety of choice points, because our focus naturally changes. Keeping a regular dream diary is one way to assess what is happening on an inner level during such a time, and by acting on the guidance received during our dreams we begin to see possibilities that may have escaped our rational and linear approach to life. Mercury Retrograde offers a window of opportunity into this magical realm.

For those who enjoy shamanic journeying, or who enjoy playing in the twilight zone between sleep and wakefulness – the coming weeks may be especially productive.

Although astrologers, myself included, advise clients not to sign important contracts,  commit to agreements or purchase big ticket items at this time, there is so much that can be done that will empower us and align us with our passion and true purpose in life. Synchroncities abound and life takes on a special quality.

So next time you are tempted to whinge about how Mercury Retrograde is causing no end of grief, it may be because you need to switch tracks. Relax, pay ttention to your dreams, take note of those synchronities and reconnect with your soul. You will then emerge from this period with a new vision, able to make real progress in life when  those cosmic gears synchronise once again.

For anyone wanting to learn more about how to navigate through life using the power of synchroncity I can recommend a book by pioneer dream explorer Robert Moss called ‘The Only Three Things’. Read more about it at his website www.mossdreams.com

Mercury is retrograde from January 11 to February 01 – however there is a phase in and phase out period in which our linear focus is not quite at its usual strength – offering still more opportunities to connect more deeply with our inner magic.

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