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Mars Trine Uranus – An Awakening

Mars trines Uranus today, which brings a chance to see some of our most unconscious emotional habits, as we enact them. Mars has been moving through Scorpio, and has stirred up some deep stuff in the process. Over recent weeks it may have been easier to give in and spew out some of the darker feelings we have been holding back.

Scorpio is very much about controlling our emotions. We may have become more precious about protecting those wounds that are too sensitive. We guard those areas where we really don’t want to go, because we are ashamed or enraged, hurt or jealous or a mixture of several painful feelings.

Mars trine Uranus in Pisces brings another possibility into the equation. We experience an ‘Aha’ moment just as we are about to run the tape once again – to come out with the same old spiel we usually churn up when we feel wronged, need to prove ourselves, want to feel better about ourselves, or simply want to feel superior.

Today the possibility exists of catching ourselves in the act. We realize that continuing is going to bring more of the same. Nothing will be resolved. Our partner or those we normally interact with have heard it all before and will either come out with their own version of the same or switch off. No one is listening. No one wants to know.

Catching ourselves and seeing the truth of the situation my encourage us to drop our usual response and let go. Uranus in Pisces teaches us about surrender to what is, and to what we are in essence. Uranus is like the lightening that temporarily illuminates the darkness so that we get a glimpse of the landscape and can finally navigate our way through more easily. In this instance it is our emotional landscape that is illuminated, offering a glimpse of those patterns in which we have become locked. As Mars is associated with action seeing is doing. Understanding brings a real desire for change as we strive to become more aware and conscious on all levels.

There are other possible scenarios associated with this aspect. One of these is meeting someone and feeling an immediate chemistry that is quite urgent and overwhelming. Once again as Mars is all about taking action, the chances are that a new relationship could develop out of the blue at the speed of lightening. What happens next depends on those involved.

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