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Mars & Saturn – Resistance?

As Mars moves to sextile Saturn we get a chance to understand how both forces can work together – harmoniously or not.  Currently Mars is in Sagittarius and needs no prompting. In this sign it wants to reach for the next challenge, see what is just over the horizon, dream big and go for broke. Thoughts about what might happen, or what could go wrong are not an issue. The focus is on exploration and adventure come what what may. The call of the wild and the love of the unknown are addictive.

On the other hand Saturn in Libra may be painfully aware of the need to take others into account, so much so that it causes a crisis in confidence. This is when your lover, your friends and anyone else with a say can knock you off course with a well timed and well aimed comment.  There may be so much discussion about the right and best course of action considering all the alternatives, that nothing happens. No one can reach a decision that everyone agrees with.

When Mars sextiles Saturn the desire for adventure and fun can either be supported by others or thwarted because of others. Sextiles are usually considered to be beneficial aspects that offer an opportunity, and a chance to try something different. But there is also going to be resistance of some sort which will either encourage greater determination, or force one to give way on the advice of someone else. The negative side of this is more likely to found in the square aspect when the conflict will be a lot more formidable. But even with a sextile there is still room for dissension and a need to assert one’s  will. In this instance is more like a swimming or running in a wind, with a bit of firm action you can succeed quite easily.  With squares and oppositions you will have much more of a battle on your hands.

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