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Mars In Pisces – The Joy Of Shape-Shifting

Mars moves into Pisces today which means that it is now in shape-shifting mode. Pisces is a water sign – the sign of the fish. Pisces is also a mutable sign which means that it is changeable – it adapts to what is going on. It doesn’t try to resist the flow or try to initiate a new activity, it goes with what is, and improvises.

Pisces is ruled by the planet Neptune which means that Mars is going to be operating in a very different way to its usual shoot first ask questions later mode.

In Pisces Mars achieves its ends by a variety of means – but out and out confrontation is not one of them. Whining and adopting a martyred approach may aggravate others enough so that they take action on your behalf. This is at the lower end of the spectrum of what is possible with Mars in this sign. Mars in Pisces is associated with passive aggression – the Neptunian way of rebelling.

Mars in Pisces can make chameleons of all of us, as we find it much easier to alter and adapt our personality to blend in with those we are with. If you happen to be dating someone with Mars in this sign you may notice that they are always changing and shape-shifting which can be fun for some – and very unnerving for others.

The best way to make use of Mars in Pisces is to use your imagination as one of the most powerful tools you have to bring about changes to your reality.  Of course you can do this anytime you like, but you will get off to a great start if you begin your quest between now and April 22. Mars is associated with desire – so when it is moving through Pisces this is a good opportunity to drop the seeds of your desires into your subconscious mind, where they will take root and begin to blossom.

You can also use this transit to explore your dreams, especially those that have a vivid and compelling quality. Mars tends to energize whatever it comes into contact with – so when in Pisces you may find yourself naturally drawn to explore dream symbols and the many adventures that dreaming will open up for you, especially if you keep a regular dream diary. Following the clues that dreams bring and also learning how to dream consciously, are all ways to expand your level of conscious awareness and live to your full potential. Your dreams can give guidance on every area of life, and can also help you to see what lies ahead if you continue on your current trajectory – giving you an opportunity to change your path.

Mars in Pisces also ties into a more mystical approach to life in which you can get an idea of what it means to truly surrender your will to that of a higher power. Surrender is not a passive act. It involves an awareness in which it is possible to let go of all resistance to a problem, an issue, a person or challenge and in doing so get the ego out of the way. The surrender has to be complete – it cannot be 50% – only 100% will do.

True surrender means that we reach a state in which are completely at peace with whatever happens – with whatever way an issue pans out. Because we are not interfering and trying to manipulate the situation it may turn out very differently to how we expected – maybe there will be a miracle, maybe not. The main point is that we are free and deeply at peace. This puts us in a neutral space in which intuitions can flow and from which we are able to view our problems from fresh perspectives that can catapult us to new levels of awareness and action. It is the still point from which all creativity flows.

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