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Mars In Leo – Dramarama

Fotolia.com/LionMars moves out of Cancer and into Leo on Friday 16 October  2009, where it will get a chance to play with some fixed fire.

What is unusual about this placement is that Mars is going to be here for some time – almost eight months to be exact, until June 7 2010. So whichever part of your chart it is moving through will be buzzing. Mars is retrograde from December 20 2009 – March 09 2010, which brings in a whole other dimension, that I’ll discuss later.

Mars is about energy, fizz and crackle. In our natal charts it shows how we go about getting what we want.

Those with Mars in a water sign will use the force of their emotions to achieve their aims. Those with an earthy Mars work on the practical level and often excel at getting things together. Mars is exalted in Capricorn. Those with Mars in an air sign use their mental energy to move mountains and those with Mars in fire use an intuitive and spirited approach to facing up to life’s challenges. The way Mars performs is also influenced by whether the sign in question is cardinal, fixed or mutable.

There is no doubt that those with Mars in Leo in their natal charts have a powerful desire to put their stamp on the world in one way or another. They love to interact with their environment and the people within it in flamboyant colourful and dramatic ways. This position is great for anyone who works in advertising or the media, as it allows them to channel their imagination in a larger than life manner. They enjoy taking risks and are generally very full on. There is nothing half-hearted about them. Some of these people do have big ego problems too. For instance they don’t like to hear the word ‘No’, when they have already decided that is should be ‘Yes’. If you don’t mind a few fireworks you will get along with them fine. If you are the sensitive kind it may be best to steer clear or keep a low profile. Sex is also important to these people, so if you are drawn to someone with this combination and are hoping you will become lovers, make sure you can keep up.

Whilst Mars is transiting through Leo it gives us all an opportunity to get out the paints, clay, musical instruments, crayons, materials and anything else that is essential to our being able to connect with our inner artist. Fixed fire creates great warmth and supplies plenty of energy. So when Mars is in Leo it really helps to channel some of this fire into creative endeavours as a way of expressing ourselves and sharing our life force with the world. It is time to co-create with your inner child and learn how to play. How you fare really depends on where you are coming from. Leo is associated with the Higher Self and also with our current appreciation of who we are. If we are in the zone, then activities such as creating art, falling in love, starting a business, being with our children, entertaining and being entertained and above all having fun go smoothly. It is only when there are ego problems and hang-ups that our efforts become warped or stunted as we wrestle with internal dynamics which block our energy flow.

If we feel insecure about who we are, we may try to get attention another way by creating a little drama in our lives so that the eyes of those around us remain on us. We don’t need to do this when we are simply being ourselves and doing what we do. The drama and the fireworks that come out of this usually occur when the head interferes with the natural understanding of the heart. We want everyone to notice us and it isn’t happening, so we create a ‘scene’ which appears to bring us what we want temporarily, but works against us in the long term. Once again it is all about ego.

Temper tantrums may be a possibility, especially if life gets very frustrating – but with this combination there is not much fall out – it easy to forgive and forget – being a spur of the moment thing. It helps not to get too bombastic or to act like a know-it-all, unless you want everyone to go off of you very quickly.

Overall this placement is going to bring everyone a chance to find their courage, overcome their fears and make fabulous progress – unless planetary aspects or transits in the natal chart indicate otherwise. Mars stirs up the area of the chart it is moving through, so wherever it is, you will begin to feel invincible. Go for it and keep stepping out of your comfort zone for best results.

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