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Mars Conjuncts Uranus in Pisces

A few people have asked about this conjunction which falls at approximately 24 degrees Pisces,  and the kind of events or scenarios with which it might coincide.

If you have access to a copy of your chart, check out if you have planets on or around this degree. Also check if you have planets on or around this same degree in other parts of the chart – as they and the issues they represent will be triggered. Notice in which house this conjunction is taking place as this too will have a bearing on the kind of events you can expect.

Trigger seems to be the operative word here, especially in the emotional sense. If a situation has been building up, but due to Mars being in Pisces nothing has been discussed, or if you or others have been in denial, this is when it may suddenly burst out into the open, and it is likely to be something minor that causes the explosion, rather like the straw that broke the camels back. If you find yourself feeling emotional then track back – stop and reflect on what the cause might be.

I personally find that such transits can show up in our lives a day or so earlier than when they are due to be exact, so that by the time the conjunction is complete the new idea, plan of action, or event has already manifested. But again it depends on the individual and their chart.

This combination of energies may also come as something of an awakening. One source of constant inspiration that may be particularly powerful this time is that of ‘big dreams’. If you already had some interesting dreams over the past week, then make a point of honouring them and take the time to get their message. They may contain guidance which will both inspire you and give you a kick in the right direction at the same time. Also be open to getting messages from the multi-verse about you, your life and your ongoing questions. These may come in the form of coincidences and synchronicities that may be pointing out the answers, or showing you the best path out of a current dilemma.

Whatever events occur at this time are going to come as something of an awakening anyway – you may be jolted out of your complacency by a short sharp shock. Even if you don’t much like what has happened – consider that it may have come at just the perfect time to save you from something so much  worse.

Mars/Uranus conjunctions especially in watery Pisces may also deliver a very real electric shock, so take extra care especially if doing any DIY today which involves water and electricity. if you aren’t certain how to go about it – call in an expert. It is also possible that lightening may strike both physically and metaphorically. The more this conjunction hooks up with your natal chart, the more intense the experience is going to be.

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