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Mapping Prosperity – Attracting Abundance

This is an excellent idea developed by inspired astrologer Kathryn Cassidy. It is based on a blend of astro-mapping and law of attraction principles – and it really works. It is also easy to use even if you have no real understanding of astrology or astrological principles.

Click on the map to see the full version.

Most astro-maps display the fortunate and more challenging points from around the globe that resonate with you. For such maps you need skilled professional help to decipher them, which may be necessary if you have to make major decisions.

This map gives you only greenlights and positive information, that you can use to zero in on those places that will enhance your luck and your ability to bring your dreams to life. No doubt many Hollywood celebs have lucky lines running through Los Angeles, and Bollywood stars through Mumbai.

The prosperity map highlights your Sun, Moon, Venus and Jupiter vibrations, as a series of vertical lines and wavy lines, which run from top to bottom and connect up with certain big cities, rural areas and some fairly uninhabited regions, in which you will experience better than average luck. The placement of the lines is completely unique to you, and ties in with your personal birth data.  The good thing is that you don’t even have to visit these places, you can connect with them in a number of different ways from the comfort of your own home. In my own prosperity map my Venus and Jupiter lines both run through places in which I have been awarded ongoing writing contracts, had some powerful experiences, and are associated with people with whom I particularly resonate.

Kathryn explains that in  line with the law of attraction you  have a natural affinity with anyone who comes from these areas, and with any opportunity that might arise in connection with these places. You may be particularly attracted to the music, craftwork, customs, spiritual or religious beliefs to be found there, or may find that you have been drawn back to a certain place over and over again without really knowing why this should be.

You can use the information on your prosperity map to help you find love and romance, to improve your business affairs, find the best place to live, to vacation or to improve your overall luck and good fortune. I guess this is one way to avoid those holidays from hell – consult your map first for a premium experience.

Another point – when the white wavy lines cross the vertical lines on the map, the cross-over point is a place of destiny – which gives more food for thought and plenty of chances to experiment.

The map is accompanied by clear and well-presented explanatory notes in pdf format, which tell you exactly how to understand and make best use of the given information, including how to intepret the various lines and symbols.

If you want to know more about the Prosperity Map or would like to order one visit www.kathryncassidy.com

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