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Madonna And Children

Madonna has been through quite a hectic time recently. Her divorce last year from Guy Ritchie, her husband of eight years coincided with both transiting Uranus in Pisces and transiting Saturn in Virgo squaring her natal Saturn in Sagittarius in the fourth. A time of tension in which something had to give.

Uranus is currently moving through her relationship zone which suggests that she is not in the mood to compromise or to want to tolerate anything that does not seem to suit her needs of the moment, even moreso than usual. Madonna wanted to spend more time in America and had been talking of adopting another African child – both of which Guy had issues about. In reality they were probably the tip of the iceberg.

If the time of her birth is to be believed (as there has been some contention about it) – then her fifth house, associated with children is ruled by Saturn, which as noted above is in her fourth house in Sagittarius. So adopting children from another country seems to be something she is naturally drawn to.She has already adopted David Banda from Malawi, who seems to be thriving. Now she is in Malawi, at the tail end of a long procedure, to adopt a young Malawi girl called Mercy to keep David company.

As an aside, I couldn’t help but take a look at Angelina Jolie’s chart to see which aspects might correspond with her desire to not only adopt three children from Cambodia, Ethiopia  and Vietnam, but also to have her own biological children born in other countries than that of her birth, with Shiloh born in Namibia and her twins born in Nice, France. Angelina has a Cancer Ascendant and the Moon, her ruling planet is situated in Aries in the ninth and is conjunct both Mars and Jupiter. Jupiter also conjuncts her Midheaven. The ninth house is associated with interaction with and travel to other countries as part of its meaning, which ties in directly to Angelina’s desire to adopt children from other cultures.

Back to Madonna. The interesting point about this is the timing. Madonna doesn’t seem to be in the most stable of situations having just split with Guy, and recently parted company from toyboy Jesus Luz. She leads a busy life with many work commitments. She also has a twelve year old daughter – Lourdes Maria, from a former relationship with Carlos Leon and a son, Rocco, from her marriage to Guy Ritchie – so with David and Mercy she will have four children on her hands. However she has been thinking and planning this second adoption for some time – roughly two years. She has also been in touch with Mercy’s extended family. Mercy’s eighteen year old mother died shortly after she was born, and her father is also believed to have died.

As Saturn is currently in Virgo and in her first house, this influence can coincide with a desire to take on greater responsibility, which may conflict with her desire for greater freedom in her relationships. Somehow the idea of adding to her family seems to be the way to create stability. With Saturn as ruler of her fifth, there is a strong suggestion that despite ability to be quite outrageous herself, she can be a strict parent – making sure that those in her care grow up strong and healthy, with sound principles to fall back on. Her daughter Lourdes looks happy and well adjusted, confident and in great shape at twelve years old, as do her other children.

Her natal Saturn trines her Sun in Leo, her Part of Fortune and makes a wider trine to her natal Uranus in Leo. Saturn sextiles Chiron in Aquarius in the sixth and bi-quintiles Mars in Taurus in the ninth. Being surrounded by family helps give her life meaning, and gives her a reason to reign herself in, in order to attend to her responsibilities. In other words her family keep her grounded, and bring out another side to her altogether.

Her Sun in Leo suggests that she feels very at home with children as they help to bring out her more gentle, playful and endearing qualities into the open. No matter what has been written about the negative qualities of Madonna, she does have a caring and compassionate side to her, and genuinely likes to help out where she can. Jupiter conjunct Neptune and conjunct her North Node in Libra suggests that compassion paves the way for her to learn more about the art of truly relating to others as they are, as well as helping them to grow into their full potential, and bring their dreams to life. It helps takes the focus off of her. In the second house this conjunction also encourages her to reconsider her values and how they fit in with those of others.

However the adoption process this time around has been more problematic. Mercy’s extended family say they have been pressured to hand the child over to Madonna and they are not entirely happy about it. Malawi is a very Christian country, and they are worried about Madonna’s past and current behaviour even if she is a wealthy celebrity who could give Mercy a life in which she lacks for nothing. She split with Jesus Luz just three weeks before flying out to Malawi, because she heard rumours that the people involved in the adoption procedure were not happy with her. She has brought her three children with her to the country perhaps to show the people that she is a good mother and that her children are all doing fine.

Whatever happens, Madonna with Pluto, Mercury, Ascendant, and Moon conjunction all in Virgo,  is not going to take ‘no’ for an answer. This is the part of her chart which equates with her desire to have her own way at all costs. As an example she is so focused on her daily keep fit regime that she had a treadmill and a personal trainer flown over to Malawi for the duration of her stay. Nothing, it seems, will make her back down. The more difficult the path, the more determined she becomes.

However, despite any problems and despite that she may have to go to extreme lengths to prove herself a suitable parent, it looks as though she is going to be lucky once again – and that she will get her way. Jupiter in Aquarius sextiles her natal Saturn on April 1 and conjuncts her Chiron on April 6, easing the passage. The judgement was deferred until Friday April 2. However, it seems that her efforts are paying off and that something is beginning to give.

Whether she will be able to take Mercy with her right away, or whether there will be conditions set out as part of her adoption procedure is not so clear – but that she will succeed is almost certain. If she is turned down this time, she will keep trying. Saturn squares her natal Saturn once again at the end of July suggesting that there are going to be teething troubles – but for Madonna, the end justifies the means and it will all have been worth it.

UPDATE: April 03 2009 – Sources say Madonna has been denied the right to interim custody. Jupiter is bringing a touch of grace to the situation. She is not going to give up easily. She will fight on.

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