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Kelly O – A Star In The Making

PR Photos.com/Kelly OsbourneKelly Osbourne has been flashing her talent on the dance floor with partner Louis Van Amstel. Watch this space as transiting Jupiter is creeping up to her Midheaven. Whether she continues on in the competition or is knocked out – something really good is going to come out of this for her.

Below is a long biography that is filled with insights and astrological detail. Zip straight to the end if you want to know more about what is coming up for Kelly over the coming year or so.

Kelly is the second child of three of rocker Ozzie Osbourne and his wife Sharon, Aimee being the oldest and Jack the youngest. As the world has watched her grow up, she has shown herself to be a wild child with a mind and ideas of her own.

She is a natural rebel with a strong personality – and her strength, which may have been seen as stubbornness, may soon begin to work in her favour.

Kelly is a Sun Scorpio as you might have guessed with her fondness for black clothes, black eye makeup and black hair. She didn’t only inherit this from her father – she has this inside of her as well. But aside from this she also has Pluto in Scorpio conjunct her Sun which makes her a Scorpio to the power of a hundred.

Actually she has a major focus on the signs of Scorpio and Sagittarius, with Jupiter and Mars in Capricorn, as a perfect counterpoint.

Kelly is always going to be a law unto her self, and she cares very little what other people think about her. In one of her typically forthright quotations she says, ‘America is obsessed with physical perfection. In America people thought I was ugly, but I would rather be what they consider ugly than what they consider beautiful. I don’t want to be perfect, I want to be an individual’.

Those with a strong Scorpio bias tend to live life in their own way with very little need for approval.

For years she has refused to conform to the slim and slender look of the typical celebrity. That is until recently when she allegedly developed thyroid disease, which meant that she naturally lost a lot of weight. From 2006 she seems to have been losing weight steadily and looking really good as a result. She has great bone structure, which she seems to have inherited from Sharon.

She was preparing herself for a role on stage in the West End musical Chicago, which required that she be a lot slimmer. To her credit she managed this, whether it really was due to a thyroid condition or not.

Another reason for her weight loss may be because she is happier than she has been in some time. She is very much in love with Luke Worral her current boyfriend, who is a model. Kelly reveals that when she is sad or bored she eats to feel better – but now she doesn’t need to. However Kelly insists that after watching her mother battle with bulimia and the destruction this caused – she is never going to become the victim of an eating disorder.

The powerful focus on the sign of Scorpio means that she can all too easily succumb to self-sabotage. When Scorpios aren’t happy they can become destructive and the one who suffers most out of it all is often themselves. For Kelly her most destructive habit has been her overuse of drugs, alcohol and painkillers.

Kelly not only has her Sun conjunct Pluto in Scorpio, she also has Mercury conjunct Saturn in Scorpio. Where people may get the wrong impression of her is down to her Gemini Ascendant. With Mercury conjunct Saturn in Scorpio in the fifth, she may be good at talking about anything and everything except what is really on her mind.

When Mercury conjuncts Saturn there may be a feeling of inferiority associated with intellectual ability. Kelly is very astute but this may not always come across in the way she speaks, as her abilities get drowned out by her attitude problem. This may have changed more recently, but it was certainly the case in the past. She would rather swear and be anti-social then allow the real Kelly out into the open – because if she did she may get hurt. A part of her is very sensitive to the opinions of others, even though she is also able to rise above such things.

Her fourth house of family, home and upbringing is also ruled by Mercury. In no way can she be said to have led a sheltered life. In a situation in which her mother and father have been through a rollercoaster marriage, her father Ozzy being wild and excessive in more ways than one, she has survived – but not without damage . Surprisingly Kelly insists that she is not the way she is because of her parents. However the astrological link is very apparent.

She first shot to fame when MTV shot a fly on the wall documentary of life with the Osbournes. It involved Sharon and Ozzy, herself and brother Jack. Her sister Aimee did not want to be involved. Since then she has tapped into the fame factor brought about by this, using her new found notoriety to kick start her singing career.

Kelly has not lived a sheltered life. For much of the time that the public has known her, she has been the most famous teenager in the world – doing a whole host of things that many teenagers would love to be able to do, and many that they should not.

Although she is aggressive and loud-mouthed she is also quite shy at times – and insecure. She has a lot more depth than people give her credit for and is currently putting all of her experience with drugs and rehab to good use by taking part in the The Surgery – a programme on BBC 1 Radio that gives help and advice on key issues.

Despite Ozzy and Sharon’s reputation they insist they have made Kelly aware of right and wrong, and she says that her parents aren’t as dysfunctional as everyone claims they are.

Kelly has a real ability to help those in trouble to turn their lives around – and this aspect of her may come more to the fore in the future. Meanwhile with so much focus on Scorpio in her chart, she has a powerful desire to dig deep into the well of life and the experiences that are available, and this she certainly has done.

Kelly has her Moon in Sagittarius in the sixth house of her chart. She needs her work and her lifestyle to be fun, adventurous and challenging. She does not appreciate being bored, in fact she can’t stand it.

Her Moon makes a semi-square to her Sun/Pluto conjunction so she can get rather carried away and do things to excess. However with this combination in her chart she is truly determined and won’t let anything get in the way of what she wants to do. If she has a goal in mind she will reach it.

But she can also be swing between being very intense and almost too flippant – from one to the other. However as life for her is always going to be very intense her Sagittarian Moon does provide some light relief. She loves to laugh and enjoys a good joke.

With Saturn in Scorpio and so much focus on her fifth house any man who gets close to her is going to be someone quite brave – or outrageous, or perhaps both. She is quite capable of flirting, but once she gets serious about someone then she really is serious. Getting past that Saturn in Scorpio defence system is not going to be at all easy. She does have Venus conjunct Uranus in Sagittarius as well, so she is enjoys either casual dates or heavy relationships – there seems to be no in between point. Either way anyone dating her would need to tread with care.

It must have been quite difficult for someone with such a focus on Scorpio to have the MTV cameras on her twenty four hours a day. Scorpios are not comfortable with such things, and the stress of being so exposed to the world with no privacy may have been another factor in her need for rehab in April 2004.

The documentary began in March 2002 and ran until 2005. During 2002 Kelly had transiting Saturn moving through the twelfth house of her chart, crossing over her Ascendant in July of 2002.

Saturn in the twelfth house has the effect of bringing all the skeletons out of the family closet. It may have been quite humiliating for her in some ways, although she would never have let on. The shadow side of her personal and family life was exposed for all the world to see.

During 2002 Saturn in Gemini opposed her natal Venus/Uranus conjunction and later Moon in Sagittarius. However Saturn then moved on over her Ascendant. By this time, Kelly would have been feeling quite different about her new found fame. Saturn in the first house tends to encourage the putting on of a mask, whether she would have been aware of this or not. She may have become more defensive and more determined to hide her real feeling from the camera and the world.

It was during 2003 that Sharon was diagnosed with bowel cancer and this brought a huge change in the family situation. As Kelly said herself, instead of it bringing everyone together, it pushed them apart. Sharon was determined to carry on with the show even whilst she having chemotherapy. She wanted the world to know what it meant to have cancer and that it could be healed.

During 2003 Kelly’s transiting Pluto conjuncted her natal Moon in Sagittarius which would have coincided with this event.
This must have been quite a traumatic time, and everyone in the family seemed to cope in their own way. Ozzy turned to drink, Kelly tuned to painkillers, and Jack locked himself up in his room. Kelly and her sister Aimee did not get on at all well due to the stress of the situation.

That this coincided with her Pluto/Moon transit meant that she suddenly became aware of the fact that her mother was mortal – and of the possibility that she could die. This transit lasted until the end of 2003 but the effects would be felt for some time into the future. It was in 2004 that she admitted her addiction to painkillers and went into rehab in Malibu. Almost a year later she still hadn’t got over it and checked into another rehab facility in Pasadena California.

Her sister Aimee is a Virgo – with a powerful Pluto/Saturn conjunction in her chart. Pluto is in Libra and Saturn at 0 degrees Scorpio, so she too has a powerful punch in her chart. During the bowel cancer episode her transiting Uranus aspected this conjunction, bringing powerful emotions to the surface in her life too.

As for Jack who is another Scorpio, transiting Saturn opposed his natal Neptune in Capricorn and squared his Moon in Virgo, after which it moved into the twelfth, whilst Uranus moved into his eighth.

Ozzy had Pluto trine natal Pluto over 2002 and Uranus trine natal Uranus over 2003 which may have coincided with a return to drinking.
Kelly admitted that it was a dark time for all, but she wouldn’t allow herself to be seen crying on the cameras. That Scorpionic self-control was in place.

Thankfully Sharon was given the all clear after her treatment, but the effect of her illness left scars within the family unit which lingered on for some years.

As far as her parents go, Kelly says that they are pretty much like any other parents who love their kids and want them to have the best. Despite Ozzy’s own excesses he is very protective of his daughters.

One noticeable point about the charts of the Osbourne family and the interactions between them, is that they all have powerful natal aspects and inter-aspects, which makes everyday a drama in one way or another.

Take Kelly’s relationship with Ozzy for instance. They get on wonderfully well in certain respects. His Sun conjuncts her Venus/Uranus conjunction, so they enjoy a quirky and fairly unique relationship. On one level they are almost like friends – enjoying life and having fun being in each other’s company. His Mercury conjuncts her Venus – and makes a wide aspect to her Uranus, adding to the openness of their relationship.

But then there is another aspect of their relationship that is quite prohibitive. Ozzy’s Pluto trine’s Kelly’s Moon, and squares her natal Mercury/Saturn conjunction in Scorpio. His Saturn also sextiles her Sun and squares her Venus.

There are distinct boundaries and perhaps even defences in place here which cannot be crossed – or are overlooked at peril. It seems that Ozzy is more than willing to lay down the law to Kelly, who may respond by going more deeply into herself and probably determining that she is going to have her own way anyway. There is a point at which their views clash and both being headstrong it means that they may argue frequently and may even disagree violently with each other. Yet this interaction is a learning curve for them both.

Kelly is such a strong character that she isn’t going to let anyone get the better of her, even her father. In their composite chart these powerful forces can be seen. Composite Sun, Neptune, Venus and Mercury are all conjunct in Scorpio – and aspecting composite Pluto/Uranus conjunction in Virgo. The more they clash and disagree the more learn.

Her relationship with Sharon her mother is different. They seem to clash in a different way. In this case it is Sharon’s Venus that conjuncts Kelly’s Mercury/Saturn conjunction in Scorpio, suggesting that Sharon may experience a wall between herself and Kelly at times. Much as they love each other – Kelly does have this ability to close herself off when necessary and to disguise her real needs or issues.

Kelly’s Pluto trines Sharon’s Moon – so their interaction is quite intense in this way. It is almost as though Kelly feels she is looking after Sharon and wants to make sure she is OK. They certainly know how to push each other’s buttons, but there is a great bond which underlies all of this and keeps them together.

Then there is her relationship with brother Jack, who is a fellow Scorpio. Jack has had his fair share of problems including spells in rehab due to drugs and alcohol. Jack has Pluto, his Sun and Saturn in Scorpio so he is capable of the same self-destructive tendencies as Kelly. Jack has a Leo Ascendant and would enjoy being in the limelight, but the Sun, his ruling planet is in the fourth house, which suggests that may not be quite as much in the spotlight as he likes to be.

This time it is Jack’s Sun that is conjunct Kelly’s Mercury/Saturn conjunction, so there is something about their relationship that seems to rub Jack up the wrong way. However they also understand each other too well. As Scorpios they have the ability to home in on each other’s weak spots and know how to press each other’s buttons to perfection. They also have a real fondness for each other – a genuine love. The composite chart of their relationship has seven planets in Scorpio – so the interaction between them may be loaded. There is a lot of rivalry but again that deep family feeling which keeps them together despite the disagreements they have.

What Is Coming Up For Kelly?

Kelly will be twenty-five this year – and is growing up fast. She looks more like a women and less like the rebellious brat that everyone suspected her of being. However it may take some time yet for her to grow out of this stage completely, if she ever does. Her progressed Sun is going to be moving out of Scorpio  and into Sagittarius which is going to usher in a new phase for her. She will be keen to make her place in the world and may be actively examining her beliefs about life.

Her progressed Moon will be moving to conjunct her progressed Sun – which means she is going to experience a progressed New Moon in Sagittarius shortly after her 26 birthday in early 2011. Until then her progressed Moon remains in Scorpio,  so there may be a few dramas that she needs to deal with over the coming year or so. Things may be intense – but she will be in her element. As the progressed Moon will also be in her fifth house, she needs to be careful that she doesn’t get back into self destruct mode as she did earlier in the year. She needs to handle her relationships with care. I will be posting more about her relationship with Luke Warrell over the coming weeks – so stay tuned for that.

When her progressed New Moon does happen it will be in Sagittarius and in her sixth house. This new phase will be linked with lifestyle changes which will include finding the work that she feels born to do, that has meaning and purpose for her. The search for meaning will become very important.

In terms of her transits she has been and continues to move through a time of major change. Transiting Pluto is currently forming a sextile to her natal Pluto – she is moving through the final phase of this at the end of November. Pluto will then sextile her natal Sun in the fifth – the first part of which will happen in early February.  As Pluto is in her seventh house it suggests that she is currently learning a lot about being in an ongoing relationship and what this entails. It also reveals that whatever is going on with Luke Warrell, it is very intense and this intensity is part of who she is. The experience of being in love may be changing her more than any other factor in her life to date.  She is questioning many things about herself and this in itself is helping her to move on in those areas of life that have been problematic.

Transiting Uranus it currently about to move into her tenth house, which is encouraging her to experiment with a number of interesting opportunities. This isn’t the time for her to settle, but a chance to find out what works and what doesn’t. She is going to have learned so much once this phase is over, and will have a much better idea of what she wants to do with her life. As it is likely to be moving through this area for many years – we may see Kelly trying her hand at some bold, outrageous, cutting edge and at times unbelievable projects.

With transiting Saturn moving through her fourth house for the next couple of years or so, this is the time when she will be laying down the foundations for her future successes. It is a chance to find her inner balance and to perfect the relationship with herself, so that she can better relate to others and to the world at large. As Saturn moves to oppose Uranus twice over 2010, it may coincide with a need to grow strong roots to better handle the many changes in her career life that are coming her way.

Saturn in the fourth is also an opportunity to work on healing family related issues by working on acceptance and release of inner feelings that may still need to be acknowledged. If she can do this many positive changes will come about as a result.

It may be too soon for Kelly to think of getting married – she is still moving through many changes. But come 2011 it may be more of a possibility – more on this soon…

Kelly has the ability to be a powerful force in the world and though she is still young – she could do a lot of good work by helping those who have been through tough times – especially the younger generation.

Don’t underestimate her, whatever she may have been,  she is going to be so much more in the future.

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