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Katie Price And Peter Andre – The Enduring Tale (Not)

It is quite sad to see this family unit complete with children having taken such a shattering blow. But given the volatility of the relationship it is hardly surprising.

They met whilst taking part in ‘I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here’ in the Australian jungle at the start of 2004. Now after bouts of passion interrupted by many stormy scenes, Pete has finally had enough. Or has he!

Katie Price is a Gemini with a Moon in either Scorpio or Sagittarius, as there is no time of birth for her. Gemini’s are already known for their dual personalities and their ability to change mood in the twinkling of an eye. Add to this to a potential Scorpio Moon and you have quite a deadly combination. Not only does she enjoy large doses of verbal banter, but she has a sting in her tail. By all accounts some of their arguments have been extremely heated. She is not one to back down and will always rise to a challenge.

So how does Peter cope with  this? How does he really feel about it all? Peter is a Pisces and so equally capable of enigmatic behaviour. He appears to know what he wants, but can sometimes be his own worse enemy. He has his natal Sun in Pisces in square to Neptune in Sagittarius, and this makes him even more prone to the very best and worst of Pisces. Mercury is also in Pisces, so he does need to remain alert at crucial junctures in his life.

This combination of energies can be difficult to handle as it means he has a sense of compassion and deep understanding of other people’s predicaments, but hecould drown in those perilous waters. The illusive currents involved in this combination can drag anyone down to the depths unless they learn to become aware and not to fall asleep at the helm.

In Peter’s case it seems that relationships can be both his making and his downfall. His Sun squares Saturn and Saturn also opposes Neptune. So his Sun is also at the apex of a T-square, which offers him the choice of staying cocooned in his fantasies, or learning about reality the hard way. He may seesaw between these two options and wonder when his boat is finally going to sail into smoother and more peaceful waters.

Peter does have Mars in Capricorn which at least helps him to channel his energy in the practical sense. But he also needs to be careful to choose the right path in the first place. Mars in Capricorn is very ambitious, and when it also squares Pluto in Libra, it shows that he can be very determined to get what he wants, whatever it takes.

Though he has watery elements in his chart, there are actually more planets in air, which enable him to adopt a detached perspective when necessary.

His Moon could be in Capricorn or Sagittarius as there is no exact time for his birth either. But it also squares Pluto which can mean that as well as being compassionate, he is also capable of being quite ruthless at times – depending on how things are going.

Katie has a different set of issues – as she has Mars and Saturn in Leo, and both are in trine to Neptune. Saturn in Leo can often crave attention and can overcompensate for fears of being insignificant by becoming larger than life. As both planets aspect Neptune, it shows that she is not adverse to using fantasy, especially with regard to the media, to get the attention she needs. As a glamour model she has used this side of her personality to the max, and has certainly become one of the best known in the country for a number of reasons.

So how do they get on together? Kate is defensive because she has been hurt in the past, and this can encourage her to lash out before anything has happened, as a kind of reflex action against being hurt again.

There is no doubt that Katie will do whatever she has to, to salvage her pride in any situation in which she feels she might be losing it. Peter, out of the two of them, is the one that could be most cutting, even though he appears so nice. Pluto in square to the Moon has an edge, especially if the Moon should happen to be in Capricorn.

Yet there is something that draws them together. They appeared to be very much in love. But then they are also more successful as a couple than they would be by going their own separate ways. So their relationship has become big business for both of them, judging by the number of times they appear in the celebrity magazines, and all the fly-on-the-wall programs they have become involved with.

Kate does have a genuinely homely side to her, with Venus and Jupiter in Cancer. But it is also somewhat ironic that Jupiter is the planet of expansion and that Cancer is associated with the breasts. Astrology at its literal best!

Venus is fairly weakly aspected, whilst Jupiter makes a weak square to Pluto. She does have a soft and very vulnerable side, but it is often disguised and may not show itself very often. She is far more sensitive to criticism than she makes out.

She also has Mercury in opposition to Uranus, so she enjoys stirring up controversy to generate publicity, and to gain attention. Yet she does have a sense of humour with it all, which has served her well in the past.

Looking at their inter-aspects they do appear to have a good rapport despite having their own particular issues. They seem to share a number of very sweet and quite pleasant links, such as her Sun squaring his Venus, and forming a trine to his Jupiter and Pluto. There is passion and fun and a genuine fondness for each other. It seems that Katie will be changed by Peter, and by the relationship itself. The fires of Pluto will make sure that she cannot remain as she was, she has to alter her identity and move forward.

They seem to be having a whole lot of fun together and enjoying the ride. One aspect shows that deeper and darker issues will certainly begin to arise as they get to know each other better. Her Pluto trines his Saturn, so in the ways that matter most, when it comes to issues of vulnerability and the shadowy areas that lie like unexplored territory in all relationships, Katie can push his buttons in the most awesome way possible. This part of the chart will certainly represent an area of learning in which they either knuckle down and grow up, or if the fire becomes to intense – find a way of out of the flames.

Their composite chart is quite well-structured and there is obviously a strong link between them. But it also throws up a few questions as well.

They have a stellium of planets in Aries with Mercury, Jupiter and the Sun in conjunction and Chiron and Venus also in conjunction. But composite Mercury, Jupiter and the Sun also square composite Saturn. What is an essentially warm and fun-loving relationship seems to have a hard edge, which may allude to the issue of their relationship also being something of a business affair. Saturn is in Cancer, so this is quite a contrast from the passion and fire of the conjunction to the somewhat defensive and instinctual qualities that represent another area of the relationship.

Saturn here also brings with it issues, which may put a damper on areas of their relationship. Saturn, in exact square to the Sun, highlights responsibilities and limitations which will shape their future in very direct ways.

Chiron and Venus both oppose Mars in Libra which certainly highlights the attraction and the tension between them, but also makes their personal wounds even more public. Sensitivity is needed by both parties so as not to inflame the sore spots. Mars is also conjunct Uranus which is rather an explosive mixture of energies, containing a great deal of sexual tension, and the potential for big arguments – so again they are treading on precarious ground. There is plenty of scope for sudden break ups, hurried ‘get-back togethers’ and all the torment and fun that goes with enjoying a high profile relationship.

As if to add more fuel to the mix, their composite Moon conjuncts composite Neptune, so fantasy seems to figure quite powerfully in the relationship. They may have been kidding themselves that they have both met the perfect partner and that their relationship would last forever. The days and weeks ahead are going to be crucial to what happens in the next chapter of their relationship.

Peter currently has transiting Uranus conjunct his natal Mercury in Pisces – which is going to be effective until March/April 2010. This coincides with making decisions on the spur of the moment – except that it isn’t quite as it appears. With Uranian transits it is often the case that the pressure has been building – a kind of nervy intensity, until finally something happens which pushes the person in question to snap. Enough is enough! Uranus/Mercury can put a lot of strain on the nervous system and the mental state may be a lot more sensitive than usual. It is like being wound up to a very high pitch – it makes these kind of decisions a lot more easy to understand. The guy needs a break – a long one. But once he has calmed down and feels more relaxed he may contemplate going back.

Katie may well have been enjoying an innocent night out with her dressage friend who is also gay – but to Pete it is all fuel to the fire. The straw that broke the camels back. However, Pete also has his Pluto/Pluto square coming up at the start of next year, and this too is going to bring a lot of emotional material to the surface. He will be feeling the inner pressure from this already. With this particular square life becomes very intense as deep, dark feelings begin to well up from the depths. The Pluto/Pluto square often coincides with major events in our lives that shake us to the core and at the same time encourage us to face our demons and transform them into allies.

So Pete may be merely juggling with the idea of divorce, or may even have decided this is what he wants. He may also think about going back into the relationship and working with a relationship counsellor along with Katie to sort out their issues and to try to make it work. Either way he will still have to face those buried issues that may have been with him since childhood, and find a way to acknowledge, heal and integrate them.

In Kate’s chart we can see an undermining of all she has built up, yet an ability to create something solid out of a chaos and profusion of events. Transiting Neptune opposes her natal Saturn, whilst transiting Saturn squares her natal Neptune. On the one hand she may feel bereft that all she has worked so hard for in terms of her image and brand are being reduced to nothing before her eyes. On the other she seems able to use this situation and even build upon it. So it is swings and roundabouts.

Of the two of them Pete seems to be experiencing the most intense transits which is why the urge to take action has been so strong for him.

So will they get back together? If they do Pete is going to want to make a few changes – mainly in Katie’s attitude. For his own sanity ( remember insania – the song he made up in the Australian outback when he first met Kate – it was a prophecy) – he has to take control of the reins and stand his ground in the relationship. He has taken the first important step of showing her he means business – but whatever transpires he is not going to go back to how things were. He has discovered that he has more power in the relationship than he thought and it is now time to claim this power and use it to create the life and relationship he wants. He is no longer going to take a back seat. This isn’t something that happens in a nice neat package though – it is often messy and there will be reversals and changes of heart, as he feels his way into the reality of becoming more empowered.

I am sure that Pete’s actions have shocked Katie for once – and she is now having to look at him in a whole new light. This is a transition point in their relationship, they have the option now to end it and walk away. Or they may find a deeper reason for being together and so want to renew their bond. Good luck to them – I think they’ll need it!

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