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Kate Winslet Splits From Sam Mendes – Why?

It seems like only yesterday that Kate Winslet was staring sweetly into the eyes of her husband Sam, and declaring her undying love for him. Within the last few days it has been revealed that they have come to an amicable split. Kate has jetted off on vacation to Mexico, and is being comforted by friends and Sam is in New England.

What has been happening in Kate’s chart that might have precipitated this? Part of the problem may be that she is a very strong women. She looks as though butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth. But with natal Pluto conjunct her Sun and Moon in Libra and on the Ascendant, she is very definitely in charge.

This aspect alone may be enough to cause drama and control battles in any relationship – with the potential to bring them to an early end. Kate is like a force of nature – future suitors beware!

Couple this with her natal Uranus being in square to Venus and she has a detached approach to love and sex – experimental too! Meanwhile Mars her relationship planet is in flirtatious Gemini and trines her natal Uranus in Scorpio. She is attracted to men who are educated and unpredictable – as is Sam.  She can also be quite unpredictable herself.

A look at her transits reveals that transiting Uranus in the sixth, and in her work zone has been aspecting her natal Mars in Gemini and that Saturn has been squaring it too. The ongoing Saturn/Uranus opposition means that Mars has had a battering from both planets. And as Mars is an indicator of her relationships and of the man in her life – it is this area of her life which has suffered and the cause – her job. She was working on Revolutionary Road which is a very Uranian title – a movie about a crumbling relationship, which seemed to mirror her own life situation. The film was being directed by her husband Sam,  and involved sex scenes between Kate and her long time friend and Titanic co-star  – Leonardo DiCaprio.

Saturn is going to be moving over her natal Sun/Moon/Pluto conjunction in Libra during October and November of this year, which is going to put a lot of pressure on her. She may need to pace herself from September on into 2011 in order to be able to handle all her commitments.  But Kate is a survivor – she will come out of all of this reborn – rising like a phoenix from the ashes.

Sam Mendes is a Sun Leo with a major focus on the sign of Virgo. He has Uranus conjunct Pluto in Virgo in opposition to Saturn in Pisces – so he too can blow hot and cold and enjoys plenty of drama. As there is no time of birth for Sam his Moon position is uncertain as is his Ascendant and other angles and houses of the chart. Pluto may have been squaring his Moon – the question is whether this has already happened, is about to happen or currently ongoing. This aspect would also coincide with major changes associated with the women or woman in his life.

It is said she now wants to divorce Sam Mendes, and is devastated as she had hoped their marriage would be for life.

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