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Kate Winslet Wins Two Golden Globes

British actress Kate Winslet has all the hallmarks of a Libra with a dash of spice for good measure. She came away from the 2009 Golden Globe Awards with two Golden Globes. One for best actress in the film Revolutionary Road which was diected by her husband Sam Mendes. The second for best supporting actress in The Reader. She surpassed a number of Hollywood’s most famous including Meryl Streep, Angelina Jolie, Ann Hathaway and Kristin Scott Thomas.

She had a history (as she says) of not winning anything, having been nominated many times before. Her breathless speech left no doubt about how excited she was to have finally triumphed.

Kate’s chart reveals both her inner and outer beauty and her determination to be the best in her field. She is not only a Sun Libra, she has a Libra Ascendant, her Moon in Libra conjunct her Sun and to top it all, Pluto in Libra conjunct all of these. She also has Mercury in Libra – so she is fair of speech as well.

Librans are well known for their good looks – and Kate is no exception. Her wonderful bone structure and classic beauty are offset by her strong character and her refusal to become part of the Hollywood tendency to be superslim. She is all women.

She is one of the few actresses who has a healthy body image, and who is willing to expose herself on screen without any cosmetic enhancements. She is as she is. She is teaching her daughter Mia to appreciate her natural body shape and to be proud of it.

Her strength of character is down to having Pluto on the Ascendant conjunct her Sun and Moon. This combination of energies infuses her life and acting career with power and passion. Behind that radiant smile she can be tough and even ruthless when necessary.

Another secret to her success may be the placement of Saturn in Leo in the tenth house house of her chart. She has had to work very hard to get where she is today and because of this she is set to get even better. She doesn’t take anything for granted and this approach is paying off handsomely. Saturn in squared by natal Uranus in Scorpio in the first, which adds a creative edge to the mix of energies in her chart. In public she knows how to act with decorum, but once out of the limelight she has a side to her that is both rebellious and deliciously shocking. It all adds to her charm.

This Saturn/Uranus square is also evident in the kind of roles she chooses to be involved with.  She has opted for parts in films that are demanding and refreshingly different – rather than move into blockbuster territory. She enjoys a challenge and the journey into new territory that unusual roles encourage as a matter of course.

Over 2009 it looks like the hard work is going to continue. Her progressed Moon is in Capricorn and moves from the third to the fourth suggesting that she will be busy on all fronts. Her progressed Sun in Scorpio is encouraging her to continue giving 100% no matter what she is involved in.

Pluto in Capricorn in the third is aspecting her natal Uranus in Scorpio, so she may have some interesting roles coming up that will stretch her abilities. These may have more than a hint of danger, but will ultimately be very rewarding.

It is rumoured that her husband and his production company have brought the film rights to the biography of Mabel Stark – the world’s premier tiger trainer of the 1920s. In her heyday Mabel worked with up to 18 big cats in the circus ring at once – not for the feint hearted! Kate has been very much looking forward to portraying this challenging and fascinating character for some time.

Kate is pure inspiration to many women – long may she continue!

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