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Kate & Prince William – Will They Ever Get Married?

This is a relationship that is causing a lot of speculation – quite naturally. Prince William and his girlfriend Kate Middleton have been close ever since his University days. Apart from a brief split – they are still an item, although no one seems quite sure what is going on. Will Kate ever get that engagment ring on her finger – or is she happy to go with the flow?

There are some interesting dynamics going on between them as reflected in their charts. Kate is a Capricorn and William a Cancer and they both have Cancer Moons. Capricorns are not backwards in coming forwards especially when they know what they want. The astonishing thing about Kate is that she always wanted to be close to Prince William and apparently had his picture pinned up on her bedroom wall as a young girl.

Prince William has both his Sun and Moon in Cancer, and in the seventh house of his chart. Relationships are very important in his life, and he is especially loyal once he gets to know people and forms a bond with them. But the square between his relationship zone and his tenth house which reveals his position as future King is a source of much conflict. He is quite capable of dealing with the responsibilities that he has had thrust upon him. But he is happiest in casual surroundings with friends – simply able to be himself and enjoy life.

William has Neptune conjunct his Ascendant and this means that he is something of a chameleon. He is able to change and adapt according to the company that he keeps. It can be quite difficult to know what he is thinking, and how he really feels. An emphasis on the sign Cancer also means that he can be quite moody, and can keep his feelings hidden from anyone he does not trust.

William has just one planet in the earth element, which is Venus in Taurus in the fifth house of his chart. Venus is also conjunct Chiron, which is associated with wounds and wounding. Both planets make a wide opposition to Uranus in the twelfth, which suggests that although he enjoys relationships that provide depth and security, he fears they can be destroyed by fateful events beyond his control – as happened in his relationship with his mother. Relationships for him may seem to follow this pattern of being unreliable. At least there is an underlying fear that this is how they will turn out. Feeling safe and secure within lasting relationships may be a problem for him.

Mercury is in Gemini and trines Mars in Libra, which suggest that he is bright and quick off the mark. He is always very sensitive and aware of how the other person is feeling in his interactions with them. Yet his natal Mars conjuncts Saturn, which indicates that he has a very stubborn streak. He cannot always be as carefree and joyous as he would like to be, duty has to come first. His Sun/Moon conjunction squares natal Mars, which suggests that this situation can stir up a lot of anger, and can cause bad feeling, if he doesn’t take steps to resolve this matter. Anyone in an intimate relationship with him can’t help but be affected by this.

Jupiter conjuncts his Midheaven in Scorpio, so his public image reveals a person who is very expansive, open and generous. Although he is a very public figure he is still something of a mystery.

Kate’s Sun in Capricorn squares her natal Saturn in Libra, which suggests that, like William, there are conflicts in her life between being true to herself and acting out the part of the public figure she is rapidly becoming. If Kate and William stay together this will run through their relationship. They will have a very markedly different public and private face – but will have to learn how to cope with this as an ongoing issue. It is not going to be easy for either of them.

Kate is a woman of marked contrasts. She has Mercury and Venus conjunct in Aquarius, which makes her very sociable, outgoing and attractive. But then she has Jupiter in Scorpio, as does William, so she also enjoys all things intense, mysterious and forbidden. There is certainly more to her than meets the eye.

Kate has Mars, Saturn and Pluto in Libra just as Prince William does. It is unusual that they both have Mars in the same sign, but it turned retrograde in February1982 and stayed in Libra until early August. The only difference between their charts is the position of Venus, the Sun and Mercury and even these compliment the placements of the other.

In Kate’s chart Pluto and Saturn are fairly close together, making a more powerful conjunction than in William’s chart. Pluto conjunct Saturn in Libra bestows the ability to put on mask that can be quite impenetrable. But the mask can also become a prison, so it helps to have an awareness of when to make use of it, and when to let it drop.

Kate’s Moon squares both her Mars and Saturn, which indicates another side to the conflict between her public and private face – and yet this seems to be a part of her destiny. Her Sun squares her Saturn/Pluto conjunction so she may have to sacrifice her ability to be truly herself in order to stay with William.

The inter-aspects between their two charts seem to be very harmonious. There are no aspects to the natal Suns of either, but there are lunar aspects which suggests that this relationship has its roots in the past, and has a karmic foundation. Kate and William may have been together in a similar situation at another time and place. Her Moon squares his Saturn and also conjuncts his North Node, so it seems that their relationship was destined to be.

The situation between their personal planets seems almost ideal with very little to create any real obstacles. The obstacles themselves exist in the situation they both find themselves in, and perhaps this is where a sense of solidarity may help them if they decide to stay together.

Both their Mercury’s are in harmonious signs, his being in Gemini and hers being in Aquarius, so they think from an airy perspective and can communicate in such a way that they understand where each is coming from.

Kate’s Venus trines William’s Mercury and Mars which again is a wonderful sign of their ability to be both friends and lovers. If they have a solid friendship, this will help no end.

Her Jupiter in Scorpio trines his Moon in Cancer, which means he feels very comfortable sharing his feelings with her at a very deep level.

So what was happening in their charts at the time that they decided to separate back in April 2007?

Kate was born with Venus retrograde in Aquarius, which indicates that relationships are very important as a way of understanding her relationship with her own self. It may seem that she is holding something back in her relationship with Prince William. Actually she is always assessing how the relationship lives up to her inner ideals and how good it feels to her. If something is not quite right she will need to return to her inner sanctum and sort his out until she finds the answer once again, within herself.

Kate’s progressed Venus, which continues to be retrograde, aspected William’s natal Pluto in April 2007, which suggests a time in which the relationship went through a period of assessment.

In about nine or ten years her progressed Venus will turn direct once again and this means it will make the same progressed square to Pluto further down the line.

Prince William has transiting Pluto moving backwards and forwards over his Ascendant, which will directly affect his relationships, especially those of the more intimate variety. Not only this but Pluto will soon be opposing his Sun, and later his Moon, which is another arbiter of great change. William’s progressed Sun is also moving to make a square to Pluto which again brings more change at a very deep level. He can’t get away from it.

When Pluto moves over the Ascendant it brings a direct confrontation with the issue of power in all its forms. But it also changes the way we act when with others. The difference can be very dramatic and quite isolating for both parties.

It can be very difficult to acknowledge one’s power and act from the heart as well. To combine both takes a measure of experience and a deep understanding of one’s spiritual nature. William may move between the two, sometimes going one way and then the other. As he already has Uranus in opposition to Venus, his instinct, if things don’t seem to be going quite right within the relationship, is to get away and create a sense of distance, mainly so he can get that all important sense of perspective. This may be a pattern that continues whenever he hits a problem or an obstacle in his relationships – like a reflex action to protect himself from being hurt.

In many ways this rather on and off quality of the relationship is also shown in their composite chart. Composite Venus in Aries trines composite Uranus in Sagittarius, which suggests that as long as they are both enjoying the adventure together it will be fun, but if they get bored they may pursue other avenues. Both composite Mercury and the Sun oppose composite Mars and are squared by composite Moon in Cancer, the Moon being the apex of the T-square. This again suggests a certain fickleness to the relationship, or perhaps reveals that security may be hampered by moodiness or neediness. They seem to be treading a delicate path.

For Kate Middleton the coming months seem to flow along without too many problems. There are no aspects that reveal any major breakdowns in relationships , but nothing which reveals the potential for marriage either. If she is prepared to wait, then she may have to hang on for some time yet.

Prince William is going to move through a major transformation which could take some years to assimilate. It may be unwise for him to marry just yet, as he may have very different feelings and thoughts about relationship once all of this is over.

In the meantime Kate makes a wonderful a companion, lover and friend whom he can talk to and with whom he can feel completely at ease.

Prince William’s progressed chart does reveal a new beginning when his progressed Moon conjuncts his progressed Sun in Cancer on the cusp between the seven and eighth houses. This is one cosmic event that may imply marriage. But this won’t happen until April/May 2011. Just under four years from now. At this time prince William will also be moving through his Saturn Return, which indicates a major milestone in his life. Looking at the evidence this seem to be the most likely time that he could tie the knot.

If we fast forward Kate’s chart to roughly this time period we discover that transiting Saturn will conjunct her Vertex three times – a sign of destiny at work and one that locks her into a very specific duty. She will also be moving through her Saturn return – a time of committing to a new way of life for both of them.

But for now there don’t seem to be any indications of a marriage for either. Which gives them more time to simply enjoy being together and to take each day as it comes. There seem to be a lot of Jupiter aspects prominent in  Kate’s chart over 2009, which does suggest that she is keenly looking forward to something. Engagment is a possibility – the final deed won’t be just yet!
























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