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Kate & Prince William – Katy Waits No More!

It looks like Kate finally got her Prince. But does she have what it takes to fit into the lifestyle that now awaits her? How will the coming year or so pan out for her and William? Let’s take a look!

Considering the aspects she has in her chart it looks like she is going to be fine. She has some interesting contrasts which suggest that she knows how to put on a public face – but that she also has a very private face reserved just for William. She is very ambitious and may actually enjoy playing the part she seems destined to play. This is down to her Sun in Capricorn which squares her Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Libra.

There is an apparent conflict between the the two and yet – there is a degree of  similarity. Saturn in Capricorn almost revels in duty and loves the formality and need for decorum that go with being Prince William’s wife. Saturn and Pluto in Libra suggest an ability to put on a mask that suits the situation she finds herself in. However the Sun in Capricorn represents a more natural love of tradition and traditional ways, whereas the Saturn/Pluto square suggest a need to bury aspects of her real self behind a facade in order to fit in with whatever is going on.

Mars in Libra loses its firmness and sense of purpose, and tends to go with the prevailing conditions. Yet Libra is an interesting sign, and though it lacks the impulsiveness of Aries it does have a more underhand way of getting what it wants. So Mars in Libra may work through flattery and other subtle techniques to attract the conditions that it needs to flourish.  Katy will fit in, and will certainly enjoy aspects of her various duties, but there are bound to be certain areas where she may find herself faking it. The fact is that she can – she is quite capable of keeping this up until she no longer wants to, or it becomes unnecessary.

Her Moon in Cancer reveals that at heart she is a family orientated person and that her family are very important to her. Family life is central to her happiness and sense of wellbeing – so hopefully this is something that will continue for her to an extent. Whatever her relationship with the Royal family, her family will continue to rally round as best they can. However, there is  friction between her Moon and the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in her natal chart. She is never going to be able to incorporate her new situation into the old. It will always be a case of being where she needs to be which could at times fracture the sense of family unity which she so enjoys.

Kate also has Venus retrograde in Aquarius conjunct Mercury, and both square her natal Jupiter in Scorpio. Both planets are  in aspect to natal Uranus in Sagittarius. This placing of Venus and Mercury suggest that she can remove herself from difficult  situations simply by detaching from them. She almost rises above them and views them from another perspective which may help her resolve problems, but at other times can cause her to go into denial. However in square to Jupiter, she has another choice – she can  allow herself to feel deeply into the situation, and so work through her instincts. Depending on what she is dealing with she may go either way.

Venus retrograde encourages her to think deeply about her relationships with others and also with herself. The usual give and take of a relationship may be replaced by a tendency to question each move and every interaction and to wonder about them long after they have taken place. As Venus also trines Mars in Libra this can give way to a sense of insecurity which may undermine her friendships and love life. It leads to endless questions which may never be answered. However, as long as she can open to and connect with her gut feelings she won’t go far wrong. This is the part of herself she can trust.

Uranus in Sagittarius in connection with Venus and Mercury gives her another kind of intuition – it means she has the ability to read into a situation and to simply ‘know’ the answer. This isn’t the same as trying to think things through logically, as it is beyond thought. Deep inside she is free spirit with a real love of adventure. A part of her dislikes being constrained and loves the freedom to explore and experience challenges and ever new experiences. So she is a woman of contrasts and at times conflicts. But her chart reveals that if anyone can be William’s bride she can. She does have what it takes to succeed – as long as she can satisfy and nurture the different  aspects of herself. Her natal Saturn/Pluto conjunction in sextile to Neptune also shows that she is capable of making sacrifices,  and that this one that is likely to be ongoing.

So how do her transits and progressions pan out over the coming year or so? There is no doubt that 2011 is going to be a momentous year for Kate. Not only is is the year of her Saturn return, when Saturn conjuncts her natal Saturn in Libra and then goes on to conjunct Pluto, she also has transiting Uranus trine her natal Uranus in Sagittarius. So at the time when she is about to be cast in a very specific role, another part of her needs more freedom than ever. William will also be going through this same aspects in his chart, so between them they may decide to rewrite the rule book in their favour. They may do away with a lot of  the protocol that  creates more problems than it is worth. This could already have started, as it is said that William wants to organize his own marriage ceremony rather than allow it to be done for him.

It seems they are both entering into a major commitment with no let up – but that they intend to make a few radical changes along the way. Kate’s chart reveals that she is coming into her own and discovering her power, yet also losing her power in certain areas. On the one hand she will gain in confidence and become very accomplished – on the other she will have to surrender aspects of her power and surrender to forces other than her own. The extent of this will become all too clear in the weeks and months ahead. There are going to be phases when she quietly resists this and other when she is more willing to adapt.

Prince William has a progressed New Moon in Cancer and his seventh house over 2011 which begins a new phase for him not only in the sense that his marriage marks the beginning of a new  life, but because it also marks the start of  his own family. His progressed Moon will move into Leo followed by his Sun two and a half years later. So within this time frame he and Kate may have their first child.

As a Royal couple they may make a refreshing change from the norm.

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