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Justin Timberlake – Happy Birthday!

Justin Timberlake, singer, songwriter, record producer, dancer and actor is 28 today – born in Memphis,, Tenessee on January 31 1981. He’s an Aquarian with his Moon in Sagittarius conjunct Neptune. Justin has his own unique way of doing things and loves to joke around.

Last year he confessed that he suffers from OCD – that is obsessive compulsive disorder and ADD – attention deficit disorder – which must be quite hard to deal with on a day to day basis.

His natal Pluto in Libra sextiles his Moon/Neptune conjunction in the fourth, and Jupiter conjuncts Saturn in Libra, whilst both trine his Sun in the sixth house. It suggests an inbuilt fear of becoming unglued at some level. However he says that he doesn’t let it stop him from performing which he particularly enjoys – especially live.

Will he marry Jessica Biel in 2009? Tricky question as Justin has something of the eternal batchelor about him, even though he adores Jessica. There are shades of Cameron Diaz here as his career success may mean that he doesn’t feel ready to commit just yet. It looks as though he may be torn on this issue.

Over 2009 Neptune will move to conjunct his Descendant which may throw the relationship into even more confusion. He has Mars in Aquarius on the Descendant, so he is very attracted to free spirited partners – who are likely to be very independant, especially as Mars also sextiles Uranus in Scorpio. Not really the ‘homely type’. Neptune has been conjuncting his natal Mars and will do so again. So, to be honest, 2009 may not be the best year for making that kind of commitment.

However he will be having his Saturn return in 2010 in Libra – things may be different then……

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