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Jupiter, Aquarius & The Internet

Jupiter changes signs today after being in Capricorn since December 2007. It will remain in Aquarius until January 2010.

Jupiter is associated with good fortune, opportunity, faith in yourself and the ability to step out of your comfort zone. It is an expansive planet that encourages exploration in terms of travel, and the search for knowledge in an intellectual and metaphysical sense. Jupiter is linked with intuition and its guiding principle is that there is always more to be had – more to be experienced and more to know, and it is worth the gamble just for the adventure. It symbolizes the larger perspective and the search for meaning.

Jupiter in Aquarius is going to encourage exploration in scientific and technical areas as well as in New Age and metaphysical subjects. So how is this placement going to be lucky for you?

One of the best ways to tap into this mine of potential wealth is to get yourself an online presence or Internet business. Everything online is certain to go through the roof over the coming twelve months. If there is a way to do anything online that hasn’t already been done, someone is going to make it happen. Think back to the last time Jupiter was in Aquarius in 1997, this was when the Internet phenomenon was beginning to get underway. This current phase is going to take it all a step further. Expect new platforms or methods which enable the Internet to be even faster and more efficient than ever before. If youu already have your own online buisness and it is making money, then focus on ways of making it even more profitable or think about branching out into other areas.

Virtual worlds such as Second Life will become even more sophisticated – get involved if you dare! The gadget mountain will grow even higher with more people having more gadgets than ever before.

Online dating will also be very popular – moreso than usual, and social networking sites will have to find ways to allow for the inevitable expansion that will take place.

Jupiter in Aquarius also encourages big dreams. Make time to check out your current list of goal and change anything that no longer has ‘heart’. Networking and teaming up with others will enable you to bring your dreams to life more easily.

Celebrities with Jupiter in Aquarius include: Barack Obama, Marilyn Monroe, Albert Einstein, Princess Diana, Robbie Williams, Meg Ryan.

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