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Jennifer Aniston – Rings & Things!

Today is Jennifer Aniston’s birthday – and she’s celebrating the big 4-0. Rumour has it that John Mayer is going to surprise her with an engagement ring – perhaps tonight or maybe on the 14th. Is it going to happen – will she finally settle down at last? Or is it just a dream?

There have been twitterings of a visit to a diamond store! So let’s take a look at the astrology. We will home in on a couple of areas in Jennifer’s natal chart – her fifth house – the one linked with love and romance, and the seventh associated with contractual arrangements such as marriage.

Her fifth house (using equal house) has Aquarius on the cusp, which is ruled by Uranus. Wherever Uranus is in her chart says something about the kind of guy she is romantically drawn to and the way those affairs pan out. Natal Uranus is in Libra in her twelfth house and is conjunct Jupiter, conjunct her South Node and in opposition natal Chiron in Aries in the sixth. Both Uranus and Jupiter oppose her natal Venus, so there is an interesting dynamic going on here.

She is attracted to men who are exciting, different, and who may not want to commit too quickly to a marriage situation. As Jupiter and Uranus are in the twelfth and as Jennifer has her natal Moon in Sagittarius, you have to ask yourself whether she really wants to be married herself, or whether she feels it is the ‘thing to do’. Does she really understand her motives for wanting to get involved. With a Libra Ascendant and Venus in Aries she tends to be an ardent pursuer – the fun is all in the chase and in getting them to love her the way she wants to be loved. But when it comes down to it – is this what she really, really wants? As mentioned both Uranus and Jupiter oppose Venus – suggesting that although she is passionate in her way she can also be aloof – and this may be giving out mixed signals. If this was a karmic reading it would say something about a past life spent in a circumstances in which relationships were ephemeral – not a constant, and hearts were broken.

Her seventh house has Aries on the cusp and her natal Mars is in Scorpio in the first, conjunct Neptune in the second. This reveals yet another side to her relationship situation. She is passionate, she has passionate dreams, but she tends to draw to herself the kind of relationship situation in which nothing much happens – the hopes and dreams don’t manifest.

Right now she has something interesting going on in her progressed chart,  as progressed Venus is retrograde and moving closer to progressed Saturn – but its not quite there yet. It seems that the closer she seems to get to a potential marriage situation the further she gets away from it. If she becomes engaged will a part of her go into silent rebellion and begin to send out vibrations that eventually cause a break down in their plans.

Whatever her marriage situation – it seems a very real possibility that she could get pregnant this year. Uranus in the fifth house of children suggest that it may happen when least expected and as Uranus also moves to oppose her natal Pluto in Virgo over 2009 and on into 2010 – anything could happen. With transiting Jupiter moving through the fourth house and Aquarius- it looks like her luck could be in. She has been hoping to have a child for some time – but doesn’t want to be seen to rush things with boyfriend John Mayer. Next year Jupiter will be in her fifth – so issues around chilren and childbirth and going to be a big focus.

Hopefully Jennifer will listen to her gut instincts and won’t get herself into a situation in which she could be hurt. With transiting Neptune squaring her natal Mars and Neptune conjunction, it may be a good idea to enjoy being where she is and not to have too many expectations. When Neptune squares Neptune it ushers in a time when we may not have as much control over our lives as we would like – and trying to force the pace just doesn’t work. Going with the flow does work, as does allowing time to get in touch with her soul, her dreams – her heart’s deepest and truest desire. It may not be what she consciously thought she wanted at all. But it will give her real satisfaction!

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