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Jade Goody Marries Jack Tweed

Tomorrow Jade Goody will marry her fiance Jack Tweed. But unlike most weddings, which are a joyous occasion, this one is filled with a poignant sadness as she is terminally ill with cancer.

She is hoping to have the strength to walk down the aisle, but may have to postpone the evening’s entertainment if it all becomes too much. Even the Justice Department have stepped in to allow Jack Tweedy, newly out of jail, to stay with her on their wedding night. Jade has put on a brave face as photos of her getting ready for the wedding and choosing her ring reveal her smiling and looking relaxed. Brief moments of happiness, in the midst of her suffering.

Since her debut on TV reality series Big Brother 3 – Jade Goody has risen to become famous in her own right. Despite having the kind of upbringing that would make many people shudder, she has defied all expectations and carved out a celebrity niche for herself in the process.

She was born in Bermondsey to a life style that seems to have encouraged her to grow up more quickly than most children. At four her bisexual mother, Jackiey Budden, was already heavily into drugs and Jade, rather than being taught the usual things four year olds are taught, learnt how to roll her joints for her.

Her father was of mixed race and a heroin addict, and kept his guns under her cot.  Jade regularly watched him injecting himself, giving her a life long aversion to drugs. He died in 2005 of a heroin overdose.

At five years old her mother was in a motorcycle accident in which she lost the use of one arm and which killed Jade’s Uncle Budgie. From this point on Jade had to do a lot of the cooking and cleaning.  At six she was alert and astute enough to drag her mother’s body out of their east London flat when it caught on fire. Her mother was on painkillers and deeply asleep – and would certainly have died otherwise.

A comparison between Jade’s and Jackiey’s chart reveals that although there is a great fondness between them, there are also power battles. Jade’s Mars squares Jackiey’s Pluto, so feelings are very intense. Their composite chart shows the Sun in Pisces opposing Pluto in Virgo – and the aspect is quite strong. Issues of birth, death, childhood, children and sacrifice are a major source of contention between them.

Her mother is now said to bitterly regret the way she treated Jade when she was young, and is trying to make up for it now, in her hour of need. Jade, for her part, seems very protective of her mother despite the many problems between them.

Jackiey Budden is a Capricorn, with her Moon in Taurus and also has both Uranus and Pluto in aspect to Mars in Sagittarius and Uranus in opposition to Venus in Aquarius. Her behaviour has been wild and irresponsible. Uranian aspects can make one quite selfish and stubborn, as well as destructive. However she does have Jupiter making a wide conjunction to Neptune, which can denote spirituality or a tendency to escape from the pain of life at all costs.

Despite all of the above Jade has flourished since coming out of the Big Brother house – more so than any other Big brother contestant before and after.

Jade’s Sun is in Gemini, which means that the aspects and placement of Mercury are of real importance.

Her Moon is in Cancer – although as there is no time of birth for her, so we cannot be sure of the exact degree. Her natal Mercury is also placed in Cancer, which suggests that she connects deeply with her feelings. Even though many of the tabloids are determined to portray her as being exceedingly stupid, she has shades of emotional intelligence. Mercury in Cancer suggests that she makes decisions based upon what her feelings are communicating to her. At times she may be manipulative, and can use her emotions as leverage to get what she wants.

Jade’s Chiron is in Taurus, as is her Part of Fortune. Her desire for a warm, loving and stable existence is hardly surprising considering all that she has been through.

Her natal Mars in Taurus is the only planet in earth in the chart, her greatest predominance being in air. Mars is situated in the last degree of Taurus and helps her to channel her energies in a way that is most constructive for her, especially as it trines both Jupiter and Saturn.

Mars in a fixed sign is naturally a lot more stubborn and determined than in other placements, and it may be this that has pushed her to want a better life than that experienced during her childhood, despite the obstacles she has had to overcome.

When she first entered the Big Brother house during 2002 she was in dire straits. She was about to evicted from her flat owing £3,000 in rent and was also liable for a jail term for not paying her council tax.

She thought the Big Brother house was going to be like a hotel in which she could relax and get some peace. It certainly wasn’t that, instead it proved to be the gateway to her good fortune.

During 2001 transiting Pluto opposed her natal Sun in Gemini, which set the stage for the transformation that was to come. Transiting Saturn was also conjuncting Mars and her Sun, suggesting that the pressures of life had pushed her to take action, and so change her destiny.

Over 2002 Jade was experiencing her Uranus/Uranus waxing square and Saturn conjuncted her Sun for the last time. She was ready to branch out into something different and move right out of her comfort zone in the process.

Geminis are often known for having two distinct personalities – one that is bubbly and bright and the other that is darker and more shadowy. This side of her nature is shown not so much by her Sun, which is weakly aspected, but by her Mercury which squares both Jupiter and Saturn. Sometimes she is up and sometimes down.

Jade proved to be the loudest person in the Big Brother house and someone whom others either liked or hated. There seemed to be no half measures.

She became known for her lack of general knowledge, which the tabloids loved. She thought East Angular was somewhere abroad, that Pistachio painted the Mona Lisa and that a ferret was a bird. She is also known for her outspoken comments and complete lack of shyness about being completely herself.

She recounts how other women on the Big Brother house would cry with a tissue under their eyelashes so that their mascara didn’t run down their face. Jade couldn’t be that complicated – she is as she is, warts and all.

Once again her Mercury in Cancer in aspect to Jupiter and Saturn in Libra, can highlight challenges in the area of intellectual ability.

Having both Jupiter and Saturn together means that Jade swings between being overconfident and under-confident in her abilities. Yet she doesn’t let other people’s criticisms of her get in the way of her being herself.

Jupiter and Saturn highlight relationship issues and all things Libran. Saturn is exalted in Libra, which suggests that it is through her relationships that she is going to grow and find her inner strength.

In order to achieve this Jade has had to develop a very thick skin. At  times she also appears to show a complete lack of sensitivity to other people’s feelings. On many occasions she has blurted things out and got into deep trouble as a result.

Libra is a sign associated with creating balanced and harmonious relationships – yet for many Librans true happiness can be sacrificed for the sake of appearances and for keeping everything ‘nice’. Jade doesn’t seem to have this problem – she is prepared to be 100% herself, whatever the consequences. But at least she is willing to learn once she has made a mistake. Saturn in Libra tends to reward honesty, over smoothing away difficulties so that life appears to be unwrinkled and free of blemishes.

However, Saturn/Jupiter conjunctions often indicate that the intuitive faculty is impaired – meaning that she may make some big mistakes when it comes to this area of life.

After Big Brother 3, she began her journey into celebrity world. The public were willing to humour her and her mistakes, and cheered her on as she showed herself willing to do what was necessary to improve herself.

She slimmed down, got together with Jeff Brazier a TV presenter, and together they had two boys. It was all looking very idyllic – until the inevitable happened and they split up.

Jade trained as a beauty therapist and opened a shop called Ugly’s – hoping this would support her when her celebrity status began to wane. She wasn’t getting enough clients to sustain the cost, so it closed down.

Apart from the separation from Jeff, Jade was getting a name for herself, had a biography published and a perfume named after her, and then disaster struck, and things have never been quite the same for her again.

It all began to go downhill when she took part in Celebrity Big Brother in 2007, along with her mother Jackiey Budden and boyfriend Jack Tweedy. She was accused of making racist remarks to Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty and Channel 4 received tens of thousands of complaints as a result. She was evicted from the house and little realized how her performance was going to ruin all she had worked so hard to achieve. Meanwhile Shilpa Shetty went on to win celebrity Big Brother and her career took off.

So just what was the chemistry between Shilpa Shetty and Jade? Shilpa also happens to be a Gemini, although her Moon position is uncertain, it could be Gemini or Taurus as there is no known time of birth.

Shilpa has Mercury in Gemini, where Mercury is retrograde. Shilpa’s Pluto squares Jade’s Mercury in Cancer and conjuncts her natal Saturn in Libra – so there was an explosive energy there ready to be triggered. Jade may well have felt threatened by Shilpa, whose upbringing was so completely different to her own, and took it out on her by making a number of cutting and allegedly racist remarks. Shilpa was certainly the more measured of the two and handled the situation well. However, Shilpa herself was no stranger to controversy. Her parents were accused of dealings with the Indian underworld and she has been linked with other controversies too. Shilpa has both Mars and Jupiter conjunct in Aries, so she can be quite pushy in her own way – and very determined.

Jade apologized to Shilpa, and was keen to make up for her outburst. She visited India and also decided to take part in the Indian version of Big Brother known as Big Boss. It was during her time there that she was told she had cancer, and would need to fly back to the UK for treatment. This is the point at which her real nightmare began.

Actually her issues with cancer seemed to date back to when she was sixteen and had to have pre-cancerous cells removed from her cervix. More were found and she was told she would need to go back for another operation – but she ignored the letter as she was too scared and had hoped the problem would go away by itself.

Her cancer issues seems to be linked to the Pluto/Saturn cycle in her chart. When she was fifteen transiting Pluto in early Sagittarius sextiled her natal Jupiter/Saturn conjunction – it was the next year that pre-cancerous cells were detected. Since early last year transiting Pluto has been squaring the same Jupiter/Saturn conjunction, only this time the disease has advanced considerably and has reached the level that it is at today.

Pluto will be aspecting Saturn right through 2009 and Jade will also be experiencing her Saturn return at the same time, making this an especially difficult period.

There is no doubt that the experience Jade is moving through is going to change her outlook on many things. Her two sons are her main focus, as she has decided to continue working for as long as she is able, in order to secure their future.

Jade has no other real family apart from her mother and her relationship with Jack Tweedy who is a few years younger than her. Having just been let out of jail, his future prospects appear slightly dubious – there is no birth data for him, so it is hard to say how he is going to shape up.

Jade’s progressed chart reveals that she is beginning a new phase in her life. Her progressed Moon is currently in Cancer along with her progressed Sun. She has recently experienced a progressed New Moon and also her progressed Moon’s return to it’s natal place – so she is moving into uncharted territory – the next turn of the spiral.

It is perhaps quiet synchronous that this all began with cancer of the cervix – very much related to mothering, nurturing and maternal issues. There is probably a deep connection to the trauma she experienced as a child and for much of her life, the pain which resulted from this and the rage which must surely lie just beneath the surface. Her outbursts during the Shilpa Shetty incident were just one example of how hurt she really is.

Jade’s natal Pluto is square to her Moon in Cancer which suggests that she has deep-seated feelings about her relationship with her mother.

It seemed that Jade looked after her mother for much of her life, and this too must have caused a lot of bad feeling. It is almost as though her mother was her first child – and is still her child to an extent.

Pluto/Moon aspects are very similar to having the Moon in Scorpio – there is that same defensiveness which makes it hard for such people to trust others, particularly when their life experience shows that they have very little reason to trust anyone.

Yet this aspect also gives great inner strength and a powerful coping mechanism when the inevitable life challenges arise.

Another difficult aspect for Jade is natal Uranus in Scorpio in opposition to Mars in Taurus which can means that enjoying a settled and peaceful life is not so easy. This opposition brings continuous challenges which often upset everything and make real progress a long drawn out affair. It means that Jade can never really find that sense of inner peace – until she learns how to satisfy a deep-seated need for excitement and the desire to battle with major challenges. Some part of her being needs to feel that she is being pushed to the limit and each time the limit is that much further out – more daring and leaves more at stake.

Jade is determined to live life on her own terms and doesn’t enjoy anyone telling her what to do. She can be reckless and argumentative, causing controversy even though this often isn’t her intention.

Even in the very real nightmare she finds herself in at the moment, she is determined to tackle the situation in her own way. Her desire to allow reality TV channel to see her condition even as it is currently deteriorating has been criticised by many – but Jade wants others to realize the importance of getting an early cancer diagnosis.

As Pluto is going to be squaring her natal Saturn a number of times, it suggests that the treatment she is being given is going to be hard for her physical body to endure. She may reach the end of her tether and will need to reach out to a higher power or greater force in order to have faith that she can recover.

Transiting Neptune will be sextiling her natal Neptune, which suggests that she can more easily access those subtle spiritual realms for healing and support, and look into spiritual healing as a possible solution. Later in 2009 transiting Uranus in Pisces squares her natal Neptune, so access to other forms of healing may be something she may decide upon.

Jade has been pushed to face up to her own mortality much sooner than she, and those around her would like. She has already planned her funeral and has written a will. She has reached a point in life in which she clearly sees that money and fame are not as important as life itself.

But as long as she is still here, there is hope. It is not unknown for very determined terminal patients to prove the doctors wrong and to make a complete recovery.

Jade has shown that she can come through difficult times with flying colours – so there is good chance that she can find a way to beat the cancer that is ravaging her body. If she can believe that it is possible then she really does have hope.

Most of all she needs to ‘not’ listen to the media who are publicly reporting that she is dying – otherwise she will come to believe them. Reading and absorbing positive and inspirational material may help her to see other possibilities.

This dilemma is again highlighted by Mercury square her Jupiter/Saturn conjunction, which means that she can either focus on all that is positive and expansive, or on the negative side of the situation. She has to be realistic, and yet be willing to look into other options .

As long as Pluto aspects Saturn she is going to be moving through a period of instability in which death will be facing her from all angles – but it doesn’t have to be her final exit from this earth plane. It can be the death of all that is holding her back and chaining her to her past and to issues that may be at the root of her current problem.

Jade may be moving through one of the most difficult challenges of her life, but whatever happens the coming weeks are going to be lived out on her terms and in her own way.

UPDATE – 24/03/2009

Sadly Jade died on Mother’s Day – March 22 at 3:14am. She passed away peacefully at home in her sleep, with her mother Jackiey Budden, her husband Jack Tweed and her friend Kevin Adams by her side.



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