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Fearne Cotton Overcomes – Kilimanjaro Summit Beckons

The team of nine celebrities climbing Mt Kilimanjaro have already raised well over 1,250,000 GBP – and are still heading for the summit.

More than anything it seems to be the group spirit that is keeping them going – despite the very debilitating effects of altitude sickness. They all have a great sense of humour, and the guides are doing a great job.

What may have been virtually impossible alone, has suddenly become a lot easier with good friends around to cheer each other on. This and the motivation of having a goal that is about helping others.

They have so far managed to forget about their own personal issues and have rallied to the cause. If you want to donate there’s still time – so go to www.rednoseday.comYesterday they tackled the Barranco Wall, which was more of a climb than a walk, and Chris Moyles refused to let his fear of heights get to him. Towards the end of their seven hour stint the heavens opened and all they all got soaked, including their camping gear. Today – Day 6, after setting out at midnight, they have already reached the High Camp, which is as just over 15,000 ft and have about 4000 ft left to climb over the coming days – the most difficult part.

Today I’ll take a look at Fearne Cotton’s chart as she has soldiered on regardless of the considerable difficulty she experienced with altitude sickness over the past couple of days. I’ll also look at Denise Van Outen’s chart. She must have done this before in a previous life, as she seems to have had very little trouble so far.

Fearne Cotton (no known time) is a Sun Virgo, with her Moon in Scorpio  and a stellium of planets in Libra which includes Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter, Venus and Pluto. For anyone who has yet to learn astrospeak, a stellium, or satellitium is a cluster of planets in the same sign or house, which because of their density, means that those with this feature tend to experience runs of good fortune alternating with more challenging times – due to the impact of various transits which naturally occur over a person’s life.

Fearne is a TV presenter whose fame has been growing in leaps and bounds over recent years. She has presented Top of the Pops and reality TV’s Love Island with Patrick Fielty, along with many other  top programmes, and is busy making a name in the US too.

With a focus on the sign of Libra, Fearne is very much aware of the power of image, and imagery, and of how important it is to ‘act as if’ – no matter what. This approach can work wonders and may have helped Fearne battle on despite feeling really ill. Her natal Moon in Scorpio would also have been instrumental in endowing her with a powerful survival instinct.

Currently transiting Saturn is moving through Virgo, the same sign as her Sun, which means that she needs to take frequent rest, and to keep her energy reserves high. If she gets too depleted she may not recover well enough to continue. But so far she has managed to brave up and keep going – even leading the way with Cheryl Cole and Ronan Keating on the last leg of today’s hike.

Her Sun in Virgo indicates that she is very conscientious and along with the stellium in Libra – Fearne hates to disappoint, which may be another reason she has managed to keep going despite everything. On the day that she wasn’t very well transiting Uranus squared her natal Neptune and was exact. The lack of a birth time makes it difficult to pin-point how this transit applies to her life – but both planetary energies seem to tie in with the feelings and symptoms you may get from altitude sickness. It must have taken a mammoth effort of will to keep moving – so good on her for staying so strong.

Denise Van Outen, actress and Presenter, seems to have boundless inner strength mainly characterized by her Sun in Gemini trine Pluto in Libra. Sun/Pluto aspects give her a Scorpionic bias and a determination to master whatever circumstances she finds herself in. Her natal Saturn in Cancer squares Pluto, so she is very tuned into making the best of the least. She also has Mars in Cancer in square to Uranus in Libra – which suggest that she is sometimes like a pressure cooker – and Mars square Uranus is the valve that helps release some of that internal build up of energy.

With access to great stores of energy the best thing she can do is to use it – or lose it where it could then turn back on her, causing self-sabotage rather than a healthy ability to reach her goals. From her performance so far it seems that Denise knows how to channel these potent energies constructively, hence her ability to have tackled Kilimanjaro so far unscathed. She says her secret is to listen to the guides who give excellent advice. She has followed their instructions to the letter and it has worked.

Denise’s Sun opposes her natal Neptune in Sagittarius, so this very physical trek up the mountain may be very good in the sense that it helps ground her, as does any kind of powerful and regular workout. Not exercising, and not being willing to take on challenges would be the worst thing she could do. She doesn’t have any planets in earth signs – so this feat of endurance may have a profound effect in helping her to feel very ‘together’ in an uplifting way. When we connect in an immediate way with our missing element – magical things can happen!

Over the day or so the team are making the final push – and I’ll be back to look at Alesha Dickson and Gary Barlow – and see how this trip has been for them and what is in store over the next 48 hours.

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