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Chery Cole, Kimberley Walsh And ‘That’ Mountain

When you are climbing a mountain there is only so much you can take to help ease your way into the situation, especially when you have to carry it.

The thin veneer of comfort soon wears away once you realize that the main problem is not the mountain, it is your mind and the moment to moment battle that will inevitably take place once weariness invades the muscles and seeps into the bones.

Cheryl Cole and Kimberley Walsh both members of the Girls Aloud band aren’t the outdoor type, so this is going to be a major challenge for them. After a hard day’s hike there is no warm bed, hot shower, or respite from the rigours of life on the mountainside to give them a break. How will they cope and will they make it to the top?

The team woke up this morning with their tents covered in ice, and symptoms of altitude sickness starting to appear – this is where the real battle begins.

Kimberley, with Venus in Capricorn may be enjoying the company and the chance for a bigger profile, but with a trine to both the Mars and Moon in Virgo is likely to be very keen on personal hygiene and even more likely to have a issue with dirt and germs to the point of squeamishness.  This Moon/Mars conjunction may make her irritable and quite difficult to get along with if she allows the health and hygiene issue to get to her. If she can let go of this and enjoy getting mucky she will save herself a lot of problems.

Cheryl has her Venus in Leo making a semi-square to the Sun and a wide trine to Neptune, so she is loving the drama of it all, and will probably manage to look great no matter how much dirt she has in hair. But with her Moon in Pisces she may also be overcome with waves of martyrdom – and emotion. Cheryl has Pluto/Saturn conjunction in Libra so she will try to hide her feelings and appear as ‘cool’ as possible for as long as possible – but how long will this last. With Mars conjunct her Sun in Cancer again trine her Moon in Pisces, she could quickly become a soggy mess if she can’t keep herself together.

However with Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Sagittarius she is filled to the brim with the spirit of adventure and despite whatever else is going on, a part of her is loving every moment of this and will be looking for more once it is over. It gives her a break from the pressures of her usual life and a taste of something wild and free. Her Pluto/Saturn conjunction is trine Mercury in Gemini, so she has mental strength and this may be enough to keep her going even if she is weeping herself to sleep every night along the way.

Meanwhile Kimberley has her Sun in Scorpio conjunct Uranus in Sagittarius, so she will be up for the challenge and will enjoy seeing how far she can push herself. With Mercury in Scorpio she has the ability set her mind on the goal and to keep going until she reaches it. But once again being too fussy about the food and things in general could wear away her resolve. Jupiter conjuncts her natal Pluto in Libra, which aspects Neptune – so she is determined to tackle the challenge, but may have to re-frame her perspective and be more realistic about what she accomplish on a day to day basis.

Tomorrow I’ll take a look at Ben Shepherd and Chris Moyles and their chances of getting up Mt Kilimanjaro unscathed!

If you want to sponsor the team go to www.rednoseday.com

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