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Katie Price And Peter Andre – The Enduring Tale (Not)


It is quite sad to see this family unit complete with children having taken such a shattering blow. But given the volatility of the relationship it is hardly surprising.

They met whilst taking part in ‘I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here’ in the Australian jungle at the start of 2004. Now after bouts . . . → Read More: Katie Price And Peter Andre – The Enduring Tale (Not)

Paris Hilton Wows Sarah Brown


So what do Paris Hilton and Sarah Brown, wife of UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown, have in common? Very little it may appear on the surface. However, they both gushed effusively about each other when they met in Los Angeles last week.

Apparently Sarah found Paris to be both ‘smart’ and ‘caring’. And Paris though that Sarah . . . → Read More: Paris Hilton Wows Sarah Brown

Susan Boyle Makes Her Dream A Reality


The world has been wowed by the beautiful singing voice of Susan Boyle, who has become an international star after her appearance on Britain’s Got Talent, and her rendition of ‘I Dreamed A Dream’ from Les Miserables .

She has been described as having the voice of angel, and with over a 100 million views of her video . . . → Read More: Susan Boyle Makes Her Dream A Reality

Anne Robinson And Her Weakest Link


On first glance at Anne Robinson’s chart it is hard to imagine that she has four planets in the cooperative and charming sign of Libra.

The TV presenter who has found international fame by playing the thin-lipped, poker-faced dominatrix on ‘The Weakest Link’, surely must be a Scorpio? She must have a good dose . . . → Read More: Anne Robinson And Her Weakest Link

Madonna And Children


Madonna has been through quite a hectic time recently. Her divorce last year from Guy Ritchie, her husband of eight years coincided with both transiting Uranus in Pisces and transiting Saturn in Virgo squaring her natal Saturn in Sagittarius in the fourth. A time of tension in which something had to give.

Uranus is currently . . . → Read More: Madonna And Children

Michael Jackson – Is This It?


Michael Jackson has recently announced his ‘This Is It’ final curtain call tour at the O2 Arena, London. Tickets for all of his concerts have completely sold out and Michael is said to have been so moved by the devotion of his fans, he was reduced to tears. This is his first major concert tour . . . → Read More: Michael Jackson – Is This It?

Kilimanjaro – They Did It!


Great News! Cheryl Cole, Denise Van Outen, Alesha Dixon, Ben Shepherd, Chris Moyles, Gary Barlow, Kimberley Walsh, Fearne Cotton and Ronan Keating reached the summit of Kilimanjaro early this morning, and even better they all arrived safely.

They have so far raised a staggering £1,454, 972 and people are still donating. Go to www.rednoseday.com if . . . → Read More: Kilimanjaro – They Did It!

Fearne Cotton Overcomes – Kilimanjaro Summit Beckons


The team of nine celebrities climbing Mt Kilimanjaro have already raised well over 1,250,000 GBP – and are still heading for the summit.

More than anything it seems to be the group spirit that is keeping them going – despite the very debilitating effects of altitude sickness. They all have a great sense of humour, . . . → Read More: Fearne Cotton Overcomes – Kilimanjaro Summit Beckons

Ben Shephard, Chris Moyle And Kilimanjaro Update


Today – day four has been the toughest day so far for the nine celebrities climbing Mt Kilimanjaro to raise money for charity.

Some were on the verge of giving up as altitude sickness took hold of them, and as they struggled for breath with every step. The one thing that seems to keep them going is knowing . . . → Read More: Ben Shephard, Chris Moyle And Kilimanjaro Update

Chery Cole, Kimberley Walsh And ‘That’ Mountain


When you are climbing a mountain there is only so much you can take to help ease your way into the situation, especially when you have to carry it.

The thin veneer of comfort soon wears away once you realize that the main problem is not the mountain, it is your mind and the moment to . . . → Read More: Chery Cole, Kimberley Walsh And ‘That’ Mountain