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Brand & Perry – Marriage And Venus Retrograde

Is it really a bad idea to get married when Venus is retrograde, especially when it’s in the sign of Scorpio as it is now? Does it mean that their long-term marriage contract is doomed or will it encourage them to talk heart to heart? Does it even matter at  all? It really depends on their inter-aspects and general synastry. While it may have caused a few ructions here and there on the wedding day itself, none of this will be lasting.

There are reports that they face legal problems from an environmental activist Akhshay Sharma who filed a criminal complaint against them and two others because of the noise  created by the event at the Ranthambhore National Park in India.  It is now being investigated.

Venus being associated with Libra ‘is’  linked with justice. There was also the problem of a man-eating tiger who gate-crashed the party. Cats, including big ones, are ruled by Venus. So far Venus retrograde seems to have been a cause of annoyance and frustration rather than disaster.

Their relationship began some time back in September 2009, when Pluto was sextiling Katy’s Sun and natal Pluto.  They were engaged by January 2010, and now they are man and wife. It has all happened so quickly. Russell, it seems, is keen to start a family and to enjoy family life. His progressed Moon has conjuncted his progressed Sun in Cancer, creating a progressed New Moon which suggests that he is ready to think about children at some point soon.

But a cursory glance at their charts reveals a few interesting details. Both have Venus in  aspect to Uranus – which suggests that they are both quirky in love. Katy is a Sun Scorpio and definitely a match for Russell. She has a Sun/Pluto conjunction in Scorpio , which is positively atomic. She also has Mercury, Saturn and her Moon in Scorpio, so she may appear open and friendly, but she is definitely layered. She is also quite capable of running her own show and reinventing herself over and over again. The bubbly side of her nature is down to having Venus conjunct Uranus in Sagittarius – she has a crazy and at times nerdy sense of humour – another reason why they both get along.  But whereas Russell has no earth in his chart to speak of, Katy has Jupiter and Mars in Capricorn, so she is a whizz at self-promotion and hugely ambitious.

Russell has Saturn in Cancer which can be every bit as awkward in love as it is in Scorpio. Perhaps they have found that despite everything and deep down they can trust each other. Or maybe they are learning to trust and willing to give each other a chance to glimpse hidden wounds. There are shades of alchemy and the promise of a major growth experience here too. Hopefully Katy will resist the Scorpionic urge to become one with Russell and absorb him into herself, although it may already be too late.

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