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Ben Shephard, Chris Moyle And Kilimanjaro Update

Today – day four has been the toughest day so far for the nine celebrities climbing Mt Kilimanjaro to raise money for charity.

Some were on the verge of giving up as altitude sickness took hold of them, and as they struggled for breath with every step. The one thing that seems to keep them going is knowing that the total amount of money raised is getting higher and higher. They are determined to go through with this to be able to support a number of good causes. If you want to donate go to www.rednoseday.com They are putting in a heroic effort and really deserve to do well.

Today I’ll take a look at how well Ben Shephard and Chris Moyles are psychologically and emotionally equipped for this climb. However it has to be said that Chris was on video yesterday saying that he would never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever do anything like this again, as it is horrible. So he is obviously suffering and missing those home comforts.

Popular TV Presenter Ben has a host of planets in Sagittarius, including his Sun, making him a born adventurer. He is also super-fit – which should work to his advantage. There is no known time for his chart – so I am working on a Solar chart here. Ben loves to share his ideas about life, the universe and everything with the world – so his job really suits him. He loves to reach out and explore new horizons and has probably been looking forward to the challenge this trip represents. With Jupiter in Pisces he also has faith in a higher power that can help bring him safely through any trials and tribulations.

His Moon in Scorpio makes a trine to Saturn in Cancer so when he feels vulnerable he may tend to become quite private and possibly retreat into his own world in order to recharge his batteries.

At the time of this trip transiting Saturn in Virgo is squaring his natal Sun, so it may help if he can do each days trek in manageable chunks and give himself time to rest in between. Anything that will help boost his energy reserves will help him make it to the top. This aspect can sap your strength and Saturn in Virgo links to health issues – so despite being in good form on the ground – he may find the altitude too much to cope with. However more than physical strength, he seems to have a very real faith that no matter what happens, he ‘will’ reach the summit. Day five is going to be a defining day for this group of climbers I feel.

Chris Moyles – again no known birth time, is the same age as Ben, a popular DJ in the UK, and not so fit. Chris has both his Sun, Moon and Mercury in Pisces, so he can be something of a chameleon, managing to adapt himself to the company he keeps and the situation he is in. However with Mars in Taurus he can also be very down to earth and has a lot of stamina that he can summon up.

With a Grand Trine in air between Saturn in Gemini, Jupiter in Aquarius and Uranus in Libra – it may help him to take some time out to relax his mind and calm his thoughts. He needs every ounce of energy to reach the summit and if his brain is working overtime it will sap his strength, and he may burn out. If he can get his thinking to work for him – it will help him tremendously. With a focus on Pisces he may have to fight a tendency to want to take the path of least resistance. However a stubborn streak means he will carry on regardless.

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