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Barack Obama’s Crystal Chart

I have been meaning to explore the idea of crystal astrology for some while – and Barack Obama’s chart seemed a great place to begin. The reason for this is that I find it helpful to look at a chart from a number of different perspectives. For me anything that acts as an additional portal to another order of information is very welcome. This is the reason why I like to bring client dreams into astrological interpretations.

The idea is that a crystal is allocated to each of the 360 degrees of the zodiac. The information needed to create your own crystal chart can be found in Marina Costelloe’s book ‘Crystal Astrology’. For each degree she gives a number of  associations including the Sabian symbol – but for this post I will focus on the crystal and its expression alone.

I wondered how Marina chose which crystals to link to which degree and found out that she did so by a process of research and sensitive attunement. When working on a crystal chart and especially when assessing the Sun and its position, she encourages the reader to look at the degree before and after that of the particular planetary placement. The earlier degree represents what we come into this life with – our karmic bequest. The middle degree represents our current focus, those things we need to integrate into this life, as well as any challenges, and the following degree reveals where we are heading and gives hints as to possible outcomes and potentials.

The crystals corresponding with the planetary degrees for Barack Obama’s chart are as follows:

Sun – Paua Shell enhances truth and prophesy skills and contains the wisdom of the oceans. The previous or karmic degree gives an association with Richterite which enhances interpersonal communication skills. The following degree or Quest degree is associated with Kunzite which aids in channeling unconditional love, kindness and intuitive awakening.

Moon – Watermelon Tourmaline promotes love, protection and family acceptance. Joyful ceremonies bring together family and community.

Mercury – Pyrolusite imroves self-image and acceptance through enhancing depth of perception.

Venus – Mica (Muscovite) illuminates future plans and personal goals.

Mars – Yellow Topaz is a powerful attraction and manifestation crystal and aids in visualization and projection techniques.

Jupiter – Aragonite facilitates prayerfulness, emotional and physical stability and connects the spirit to the earth.

Saturn – Chrysocolla purifies self and immediate environment and helps release pent up emotions.

Uranus – Rainbow Fluorite acts as a bridge between the spiritual and the physical.

Neptune – Magnesite Rock enhances intellectual ability, inquisitiveness and accuracy.

Pluto – Freshwater Pearls accentuate aura colours.

North Node – Blue Opal helps ideas flow freely and gives confidence in acting on intuition.

South Node – Quartz Buddstone equates with spiritual understanding, acceptance, surrender and hope.

Chiron – Sardonyx promotes self-control mindfulness and conscientiousness.

Taking Barack Obama’s natal chart as the main focus and stepping off point for for astrological study I would use the additional information provided by the crystal chart to enhance the energy of the overall configuration. To give fresh perspectives to areas of difficulty and to add another dimension of understanding to areas of skill and creative ability.

For instance his natal Saturn is in Capricorn in the twelfth, and trines Mars in Virgo in the eighth (equal house). According to the crystal chart his Saturn degree corresponds with Chrysocolla and his Mercury with Pyrolusite, which suggests that a capacity to release deep-seated and potentially negative emotions stored in the twelfth house will enable him to reach for and attain positive goals through dynamic visualisation, and attention to detail. If he chose to dwell on negative issues his ability to achieve his goals would be greatly impaired. Similalry if he becomes too much of a perfectionist he could tie himself in knots.

I need to experiment more with this, but it may add something to a chart reading by suggesting new possibilities and potentials.


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